MTN Free 30GB MIFI Cheat

You can now get free 30GB data from MTN with this free browsing cheat. I like to call it the "MTN 30GB MIFI Cheat". And it works 100% if you follow the procedure for activating it

As some of you may already know, MTN gives its customers free 30GB if they purchase its MIFI device. This means if you buy a new MTN MIFI, you will be given 30GB for free. But you can still get this free data without actually buying the MIFI device, which I will show you in this post.
There is something called IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is unique for every device and is used for identification. The MTN MiFI also has its own unique IMEI which has already been recorded by MTN. So when a customer buys the MTN MIFI, the IMEi is detected, and compared with those in their system, if it matches, you will get the free 30GB data.
Now, this cheat involves changing your device IMEI so it matches any of the MTN MIFI IMEI so that you will get the free data.

How To Get Free 30GB ON MTN

First, make sure your device is rooted, then dial *#06# to view your phone IMEI, if you use a phone with dual sim then you would see two numbers. The first number is the IMEI for SIM 1 and the second is for SIM two, write them down somewhere, and proceed to the next step.
Download Chamelophon Android App
To activated this cheat,
  • Install and Open Chamelophon,
  • In the first box containing your device, IMEI erase it and enter 86773803075*random 4 digit number" and click on "apply new IMEI"
  • Turn on and off airplane mode.
  • Then Press *#06# again to view your new IMEI. You should see the new IMEI you just inserted
  • SEND MIFI to 131
If you are successful, you will get a message from MTN informing you of your free 30GB data.
Now, all MTN MIFI devices start with the IMEI 86773803075****. Since an IMEI contains 15 digits, you will have to put a random 4 digits number to complete it.
Note all IMEI numbers are valid though, if you input an invalid number, you will see a red X sign on the Chamelophon app. This is an indication that the number is not valid. Erase the last four digits and input another four-digit number. While if you enter a valid number, you will see a green √ sign. Always make sure the IMEI number is valid before you apply it.
If you cannot find a valid IMEI number, keep randomly changing the last for digit until you get 1.
Some users do get a message that reads "Sorry your device is not eligible for this offer. Dial *131# to activate a data bundle. Thank you.
If you got a reply like this, It is likely that you have entered an IMEI that has already been used by someone else, each IMEI can only be used once. Or you have entered an IMEI for a device that does not yet exist.
My advice would be to keep trying until you get the data. remember to follow the same process to change your IMEI back to the original one. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment.


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