MTN Opera Data Plan and Subscription code

While we are all enjoying the opera mini and opera news free data. Opera has again partnered with MTN to give lovers of its app access to its content for a fraction of the cost. This means, you will be able to get the same regular data volume for a lesser fee.
The MTN opera data bundle works only on the opera mini and opera news app. So you won't be able to use it on other apps or to browse other websites. The plan was designed specifically for opera products.
Opera News

Code To Subscribe To MTN Opera Data Plan

The MTN opera data bundle works only on Opera mini and Opera news app, and consists of 3 plans, the daily which cost N20, the weekly which cost N50, and the monthly data plan which cost N100. To subscribe to any of these plan:
  • Simply dial the USSD code *131*3#
  • Press 9 to select "Opera Mini and news".
  • From here you can either choose 1 for daily, 2 for weekly or 3 for monthly data.

How To Subscribe To The MTN Opera Data Plan Via SMS

You can send a direct message to 131 to subscribe to this plan.
  • For the daily plan SMS " OBD" to 131
  • For the weekly plan SMS "OBW" to 131
  • For the monthly plan SMS "OBM" to 131
After selecting your preferred plan, you will get an SMS for MTN indicating that your purchase was successful.
All plans does not support video streaming, they are for browsing only. If you stream any video on the app, it will be deducted from your main data. Even if you have any of the opera plans active.
A question that most folks usually ask is if the plans are unlimited. Unfortunately they are not. The daily plan has a volume of 25MB, weekly is 100MB while monthly is 300MB. This doesn't seem like much, but with the free daily 50MB you usually get on opera mini and the data saving mode that comes with the app, these plans can really go a long way.
Opera has also constructed a data center in Lagos, Nigeria. With this, you can now expect to browse even faster with your opera app.


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