How PalmPay Works, Send Receive and Earn Money

I earned 100 PalmPoints when I first signed up for PalmPay. This was mid last year. Since then, I have been getting cash back on transactions made on the app. I especially like the idea that you can slash prices for transactions with your points when making payments.
There are now tons of similar apps that offer the same services, like Jumia One. But I most say, base on my experience in using them this past months, PalmPay beat them all in terms of cash back and making money with the app. Yeah, that's right. You can actually make money on PalmPay, which I will discuss in an upcoming blog post.
To Get started with PalmPay,
  • Click here to download PalmPay. You will get free N100 from using this link
  • Sign Up with your phone number and whenever you invite a friend you get free N300.

What is PalmPay

Palmpay is a money App for sending and receiving cash, payment of utility bills and buying of Airtime and data. Users can get rewarded for performing transactions on the app usually through PalmPoints which can be used to perform other transactions.
Smiling with PalmPay

How To Make Money With PalmPay

There are several ways you can make money on PalmPay and they include
  • PalmForce: This is currently the best way you can earn from PalmPay. To join PalmForce, first ensure that you have downloaded the PalmPay App here. Open the menu and click on the invite button. Below the invite page, you will find a banner (button) that says join PalmForce. Click on it and you are done.
Join PalmForce

Requirements for joining PalmForce: you must have invited at least 5 people to use PalmPay app.
As a PalmForce member, you will earn N200 for every friend you invite to use PalmPay. But that's not even the best part, You will also earn commission for every transaction they make on the app for life. Up to three layer downline. Now this is huge. Incase that didn't sink in, let me elaborate.
Apart from the N200 you will earn when you invite others to sign up on the app, you will earn commission on all utility bills, Airtime and data they purchased on the app for LIFE. If your invitee also invite other users, you will also earn commission from the users they have invited, down to the last three level. And again this is for Life. I think this is a  great way to earn some passive income if you do it right.
  • Invite new users: You will earn P300 and you refferal will also earn P100 ( equivalent of 100 naira) every time a new user sign up with your referral code or link. You can find you referral link and code on the invite section of the app.
  • Cashbacks: Another way you can earn on PalmPay is through cash backs, cash backs are earned when you make transactions on the app. Currently, new users can get up to 20% cash back on Airtime and data payment. Which means if you buy a recharge worth N1000, then you will earn N200 as cash back.

Uses Of PalmPay

There are lots of uses for PalmPay and there seems to be a reward for every transaction done on the app. Here are just a few of the things you can do with the app.
  • It can be used for sending and receiving money between users. While sending funds between PalmPay users is free, you will be charged N10 per transaction if you ate sending a money to a bank account.
  • Payment of Utility bills like electricity and water bill, cable TV, tickets etc.
  • Buying of Airtime and Data
  • Repayment of PalmCredit loans.

What are PalmPoints

Palmpoints are a form of virtual currency used within the PalmPay App. Rewards within PalmPay are usually paid with PalmPoints. 1 PamlPoint is the equivalent of 1 Naira.
You can find your PalmPoints balance at the PalmPoints section of the home screen of the app.

How To Redeem Your PalmPoints

PalmPoints are issued as cash backs reward for transactions on the PalmPay App. PalmPoints can be used to slash transactions up to 50% whenever you are making transactions in the app. This means PalmPoints can not be used entirely on their own.
Lets say you want to buy Airtime worth of N2000, and you have about 4,000 PalmPoints. You can use only a maximum of 1000 PalmPoints to slash your Payment to just N1000 (50%) while you pay for the other N1000 with real money.
To Redeem your PalmPoints,
  • Launch your PalmPay App
  • Click on any transactions such as Buying of Airtime or data, utility bills etc.
  • After Entering the amount you wish to pay for, you will see a button that says Points to use. Click on it and your payment will be discounted.
Using PalmPoints

Remember that PalmPoints can only be used used up to 50%. Also, Points cannot be used together with coupon codes.

How To Fund Your PalmPay

Funding your PalmPay App can be done using any of the back cards like MasterCard, verve card etc. To fund your PalmPay account.
  • Launch and Login to PalmPay
  • Click on the Fund button
  • Choose your payment method and click on pay.
After payment, you can will see your balance on the homepage of the app. Funds that are transferred to you by other PalmPay users will also appeared here and can be withdrawn to your bank account.


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