Code To Transfer Data On 9mobile

9mobile subscribers who wish to transfer data to another 9mobile number can now do so with a simple USSD code.

All 9mobile subscriber can transfer data to any other 9mobile number without restriction. The only requirement being that you actually have the volume of data that you wish to transfer.

How To Transfer Data On 9mobile

The USSD code to transfer data on 9mobile is *299*PIN*DataVolume*RecipientNumbers#. 

Where  is your data transfer PIN. If you haven't set a transfer PIN before, then the default PIN should be 0000. You can always change the default PIN later. The reason for entering a PIN is to avoid unauthorized transfer of your data. If you have by any means Forgotten your transfer PIN then you'd have to call 9mobile customer care for assistance.

DataVolume is the amount of data you wish to transfer to the recipient. Note that you can only transfer a maximum of 200MB per transfer, and a maximum of 1GB per day. What this means is that the highest amount of data you can send at a time is 200MB. So if you wish to transfer, say 400MB. Then you will have to do a transfer of 200MB twice. But you cannot send more than 1GB which is 1000MB in a day.

RecipientNumber is pretty obvious and self explanatory. This is the number of the person you wish to send the data to. And yes, it must be a 9mobile number.

So for example, if I want to transfer 200MB to a 9mobile customer with phone number 08090000000 then I'd dial *299*0000*200*08090000000# and press send.

How To Change data transfer PIN on 9mobile

Like I said earlier, the default transfer PIN for 9mobile is 0000. So if you haven't change it before, that is the PIN you should be using to transfer your data. If you wish to change your PIN however, simply dial *247*oldPin*newPin#.

For example, if my old pin was 0000 and I wish to change it to 1234, then I'd dial *247*0000*1234#.

If you have forgotten your old PIN then call the 9mobile customer care number for assistance.

How To Transfer Data From 9mobile To Other Networks

To transfer data from 9mobile to other networks like MTN, Airtel and Glo is not possible at the moment. You can only transfer data on 9mobile to other 9mobile subscribers.


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