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EC Tunnel VPN | Settings | APK

Ec Tunnel VPN is an android app for browsing anonymously, bypassing blocked websites, and hiding your IP and location. Although it provides all these benefits, it was primarily designed for free browsing tricks and cheats. It is affiliated to the website Entclassblog, hence the name "EC".
How EC Tunnel VPN Works What I love about this app is the fact that you can connect to most of the available free browsing cheats in your country with just a click of a button. Whenever there is a free browsing setting available, the developers update the app with those settings. So, as a user, all you have to do is to pick the right settings and connect. So basically, it does the hard work for you so you don't have to.
EC Tunnel VPN Download EC Tunnel VPN can be downloaded here.
I realize that some people cannot access the play store for some reason, so I have provided an alternative link where you can download this app.
Download the EC Tunnel VPN here, for those who can't access t…

Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies In Africa

Africans is the world's second-most populous  and second-largest continent after Asia. During the time when most of Africa was ruled by some European countries. The Europeans introduced their own currency that was used on the continent.
When several African countries began to gain independence during the 20th century, the independent nations in Africa began introducing their own currencies controlled by the central bank of that nation.
Today, with the high rate of inflation in the continent, several currencies have maintained relative stability while others have plummeted.

Top 10 Most Strongest Currencies In Africa These are the 10 most valuable currencies in Africa and their exchange rate against the US dollars.
10. South African Rand (ZAR) The rand is the currency of South Africa, it has the code ZAR and is subdivided into 100 cents. It is often represented with the symbol "R" but is written as rand in English.
The rand was a legal tender in Botswana before it was repl…

Code To Transfer Data On 9mobile

9mobile subscribers who wish to transfer data to another 9mobile number can now do so with a simple USSD code.All 9mobile subscriber can transfer data to any other 9mobile number without restriction. The only requirement being that you actually have the volume of data that you wish to transfer.
How To Transfer Data On 9mobileThe USSD code to transfer data on 9mobile is *299*PIN*DataVolume*RecipientNumbers#. Where  is your data transfer PIN. If you haven't set a transfer PIN before, then the default PIN should be 0000. You can always change the default PIN later. The reason for entering a PIN is to avoid unauthorized transfer of your data. If you have by any means Forgotten your transfer PIN then you'd have to call 9mobile customer care for assistance.DataVolume is the amount of data you wish to transfer to the recipient. Note that you can only transfer a maximum of 200MB per transfer, and a maximum of 1GB per day. What this means is that the highest amount of data you can send …

MTN Opera Data Plan and Subscription code

While we are all enjoying the opera mini and opera news free data. Opera has again partnered with MTN to give lovers of its app access to its content for a fraction of the cost. This means, you will be able to get the same regular data volume for a lesser fee.
The MTN opera data bundle works only on the opera mini and opera news app. So you won't be able to use it on other apps or to browse other websites. The plan was designed specifically for opera products.

Code To Subscribe To MTN Opera Data Plan The MTN opera data bundle works only on Opera mini and Opera news app, and consists of 3 plans, the daily which cost N20, the weekly which cost N50, and the monthly data plan which cost N100. To subscribe to any of these plan:
Simply dial the USSD code *131*3#Press 9 to select "Opera Mini and news".From here you can either choose 1 for daily, 2 for weekly or 3 for monthly data. How To Subscribe To The MTN Opera Data Plan Via SMS You can send a direct message to 131 to subscri…

MTN Opera Free Browsing Cheat

If you are out of data and do not have enough airtime to subscribe to the available MTN data plans, then I've got great news for you. You can now browse for free on your MTN SIM using the MTN Opera free data.How The MTN Opera Free Browsing WorksIf you have been a regular follower of this blog, then by now you already know that if any network provider gives you access to any online service/website for free, then you can use that to your advantage to browse other website for free.Those using opera mini, or opera news have probably seen a message that reads.Dear customers update your opera mini and opera news apps & enjoy free browsing on Opera mini and opera news. Courtesy of Opera. Thank you.So basically, Opera have collaborated with MTN to allow subscribers using the opera mini and opera news app browse for free. If you are already enjoying this service, then you know it only works on those two apps. This post will show you how to make it work on all apps on your mobile phone.…

How PalmPay Works, Send Receive and Earn Money

I earned 100 PalmPoints when I first signed up for PalmPay. This was mid last year. Since then, I have been getting cash back on transactions made on the app. I especially like the idea that you can slash prices for transactions with your points when making payments.
There are now tons of similar apps that offer the same services, like Jumia One. But I most say, base on my experience in using them this past months, PalmPay beat them all in terms of cash back and making money with the app. Yeah, that's right. You can actually make money on PalmPay, which I will discuss in an upcoming blog post.
To Get started with PalmPay,
Click here to download PalmPay. You will get free N100 from using this linkSign Up with your phone number and whenever you invite a friend you get free N300. What is PalmPay Palmpay is a money App for sending and receiving cash, payment of utility bills and buying of Airtime and data. Users can get rewarded for performing transactions on the app usually through Pa…

How To Check Account Balance On MTN

As more and more mobile phone networks springs up in Nigeria, it becomes even more difficult to remember every USSD code to perform every action on our mobile phones. One of this code is the code to check account balance on Mtn, How to check account balance on 9mobile, How To Check Account Balance on Airtel. I am also guilty of this too as I usually forget this codes.On this post, I will give you the code on how you can easily easily check airtime balance on your mobile phone for those people who are using MTN Nigeria.You can find how to transfer Airtime on MTN here, I just thought I should add that since I noticed most people who land to this post are actually looking for the code to share Airtime with their friends or family.

How To Check MTN Airtime BalanceTo check your MTN airtime balance, simply dial the code *556# and you will receive a response, showing your Account balance on MTN.After dialing this code, you will get a response almost instantaneously of your balance, although r…

Glo Sunday plan: Get 1.2GB for N200

Glo, the grand master of data, just added a new data plan to its arsenal of cheap data plans. Introducing...*drum roll* the Glo 1.25GB for 200 naira only. Recall that Glo once had a similar plan with same data volume and price that was later discontinued. You can find more details on that here.
You might be wondering if there is a catch to this latest plan from Glo. Because, let's face it, this sounds too good to be true.
Well, there is a catch. But it's not what you think, and its not as bad either. I will let the cat out of the bag in the next paragraph as I talk about how you can activate this plan.

How To Subscribe to The Glo N200 for 1.2GB Here is the catch, the Glo 1.2GB for N200 is actually a Sunday plan. Which means it can only be used on a sunday. But according to a Glo customer care representative I spoke with, you can subscribe to the plan on any day but it would be usable only on Sundays.
To subscribe to the Glo Sunday plan just follow the step below
Dial *777# to o…

Airtel TV App: Watch Movies And Live Tv For Free

How would you like to watch unlimited Hollywood, Nollywood, Zollywood and Bollywood movies on your mobile phone at no cost? Well, that's now possible with the Airtel TV App.
Airtel TV is a mobile streaming App by Airtel Africa, that allows subscribers on the Airtel network to watch unlimited movies, as well as stream their favourite cable TV channels all for free.How To Watch Movies And Live TV Channels for Free On AirtelWhat you will needTo start watching your favourite movies for free on Airtel, with the Airtel Tv App, you'd need two things.An Airtel SIMAn Internet Enabled smartphoneHow To Use the Airtel TV AppFirst download the Airtel Streaming App here.Launch the App and click on RegisterOn the next screen you will be shown all your data that will be collected by the app and how they will be used. They includeYour phone number, to be used tfor verificationYour data of birth, which will be used to determine the type of movie that will be recommended for youYour name, which i…

My Airtel App: How To Get Free 1GB

Airtel is giving out free 1GB to it's customers via the My Airtel App. This isn't a cheat or trick but is official from Airtel. Recall that MTN also has a similar offer were customers were giving free 500MB on the My MTN App. In case you are worried about eligibility, then I have got good news for you. This offer is available to all Airtel customers. The only exception are those who have received the data before. Otherwise, if you haven't received your free 1GB (its actually 1024 MB) then follow the instructions in the next heading to get yours now. Speaking of eligibility, here is how you can become eligible for Airtel double data.

How To Get Free 1GB On My Airtel AppGetting your free 1 GB from Airtel via the My Airtel App is pretty straight forward. Just follow the steps bellow.Download the My Airtel App here from the play storeLaunch the app and make sure your Airtel SIM is in your phone.Register your phone number in the app and an OTP will be sent to you. If your Airtel…