How To Borrow Data on Airtel

Imagine a scenario where you really need to use the internet but you have no active subscription, you are running low on airtime and your situation is such that you can not afford a data plan at the moment. well, in such a situation, you can actually borrow data or MB as it is sometimes called and pay back later

Airtel has a service known as Airtel Credit Loan Service that allows a customer to borrow data and payback later. This service was introduced in case of an emergency situation when you really need to use the internet.

Code To Borrow Data or MB On Airtel

To borrow data on Airtel,
  • Simply dial the code *500# 
  • Press 3 to select Borrow Data
  • Choose the volume of data you'd like to  borrow from the options

You can borrow data starting at 10MB up to 1.5GB., of course, the volume of data you can borrow is based on eligibility, which is tied to your monthly recharge frequency and spending.

What is interesting about borrowing of data as compared to borrowing Airtime is that you can borrow more than once as long as your are within your credit limit. This is unlike an Airtime loan that will require you to pay your previous loan before you can be eligible to get a new one.

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How To Payback Borrowed data

Paying back your borrowed data on Airtel is very simple, all you need  do is to recharge your line and the amount for the borrowed data will be deducted. There is a service fee of 15% for each loan you borrow. This means that if you borrow data worth of 200MB which cost N200, you will be required to pay back N230.


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