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How To Transfer Data on MTN - Gifting Data

MTN Nigeria now allow customers to share data from one MTN number to another. This means if you have subscribe to any of the available MTN data plan, you can transfer part of your allocated data to another MTN number. In the past, it was not possible to share  data on MTN. You could only buy data for a friend. Which was known as Data Gifting. But MTN has now introduce an option for transferring data and even requesting for data from other MTN Numbers. With Data Gifting, buying for a friend is different from sending or transfering data. When buying for a friend, You will pay (with your airtime) for a data plan which will be gifted to the recipient. Whereas with data transfer, you will simply send part of the data you already have to which ever MTN number you wish. This article contains the code for transfering data on MTN. As well as buying data for a Friend. How to Transfer Data on MTN Sharing or sending data from one MTN number to another have never been easier, as an MTN