Airtel 4GB for N1000, 2GB for N500, 1GB for N200 and 200MB for N100

Airtel Nigeria have silently release one of their most affordable data plan. Airtel customers can now get 4GB for N1000, 2GB for N500, 1GB for N200 or 200MB for N100.
As you can see, this plan is similar to the MTN welcome back offer and can be an alternative to the Glo daily data splash.

However, this data plan is SIM selective, which means it is based on eligibility. I have provided a simple way you can check if you are eligible for this offer and if you are not, how to become eligible.

How To subscribe To This Plan

To subscribe to any of these plan dial *141*241#.

  • Press 1 for 200MB for N100 valid for 3 days
  • press 2 for N200 for 1GB valid for 1 week
  • press 3 for N500 for 2GB valid for 14 days
  • press 4 for N1000 for 4GB valid for a month

A simple way to know if you are eligible for this offer is to subscribe to anyone of them. Especially if you don't have enough airtime. If you get a message like: "Dear customer, you are not eligible to buy this data bundle. Please dial *141# to activate another data bundle'. This means you are not eligible for the offer.  No worries if you got this reply, I have also written down how you can make your SIM eligible for this offer. just keep reading.

However, if you don't have enough airtime and you got a reply like "Dear customer, you have insufficient balance to purchase this data bundle. Please recharge and try again"
then it means you are eligible. If you have enough airtime, you will be subscribe to the selected  plan.

Airtel 200MB for N100

This data plan is the smallest among the list of cheap Airtel data plan. It would be ideal for users who want to Browse the net without breaking the bank. Especially if you don't have much to download. Its cost N100 for 200MB and is valid for 3 days.

Airtel 1GB for N200

The 1GB for N200 which last for 1 week is in my opinion the best data plan in this list, because you basically get 4GB for N800 for 1 month. Just do the maths (N200 X 4). Which is really cool. This will be a nice plan for moderate internet users for using social media, surfing the web and watching online videos.

Airtel N500 for 2GB

This plan last for 14 days, that is for 2 weeks and cost 2GB for N500. This particular plan is unique to Airtel as no other mobile network have such plan. heavy internet users can go for this plan since it gives you sufficient data plus a long enough validity period. and even if you do exhaust your data plan, you can simply subscribe to it again.

Airtel 4GB for N1000

The N1000 for 4GB is valid for a month. it has the longest validity period of all the plan. This is a good choice for everyday users as you would not have to worry about data for a whole month if you know how to manage this plan.

How To Be Eligible

update: Airtel kept us in the dark consigning the eligibility requirements for this plan, so I decided to contact Airtel customer care on Facebook and they did confirm the plan.
It turned out that my predictions were right.
Those who are eligible for this plan are subscribers who haven't used their SIM for the last 30 days. What this means is that, you must not have made any call or recharge your line for at least 30 days or a month to be eligible for this offer.

so there you have it.

The eligibility requirements for this plan Is not yet known.
However, my guess is that the plan will have the same eligibility requirements as the MTN Welcome back offer. If Airtel decided to make the eligibility requirements known this post will be updated with new info.
But for now, all customers can do is try to subscribe to the plan and see if you will get a success message.


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