Is a scam? Is it legit? How sustainable is it? Can I make money from NnuForum? These are a few of the questions that might run through your mind if you come across this website. I am going to attempt to answer these questions and give you my honest review about this forum.

What is NnuForum

NnuForum is an affiliate program and online forum that promises 71.5% commission when users sign up through your affiliate link. Those who wish to join the program will have to pay N1400, and will get N1000 as commission every time they bring in a referral. As a register user, referral is only one of the ways of earning through this forum, other ways include

  • Daily login: N50
  • Viewing topic: N10
  • Joining Discussion: N20
  • Creating new topic: N200 - N100
  • Facebook share: N100

Minimum withdrawal is N5000 which will be paid evey last day of the month.

NNuForum Review

Is Nnu Forum legit? There are a number of factors you should consider when dealing with any online money making website. Which will greatly reduce your chances of falling into any kind of online scam. First.

Is The Website Being Run Anonymously

This is the very first thing you should check when involving yourself in any online money making scheme. Is the website open to questions, do they hide their identity? as you already know, no fraudster would want to reveal their identity. This doesn't mean every anonymous website out their is a scam. But this is a very important factor to consider.

In the case of, The website isn't anonymous at all. In fact, its founder is a guy named Paul Sampson, and he constantly shares update about Nnuforum on his Facebook account. So that is good. At least you know where to go if anything goes wrong.

The founders Profile And Reputation

There is a saying that goes like this " Once a cheated, always a cheated". This is also true for fraudsters. The founder(s) or owners reputation is a very important factor to look into. Because if they have scam someone before or created something similar to scam users in the past. Chances are, they would want to repeat the behaviour again. Especially if it made them a lot of money in the past.

After running a very brief background check on the founder of the forum, I discovered that he had created similar money making schemes in the past. Including the very popular and well know

Lets use as an example, whether or not it was a scam depend on your definition of scam. I am saying this because if you ask a lot of people they will tell you that they made a lot of money with nnu, while others will tell you that they got ripped of. But one thing is for sure have stopped paying. This means it cannot be relied on for making money in the long term.
NnuForum Image

How Does The Website Make Money

How the website is able to generate its revenue will give you an idea of whether they can fulfill their promises. If the website have no source of generating money then how can they pay out to users.

In the case of Nnu Forum, they simple give you a percentage of whatever you bring in. I mean, at least they do have a way of generating revenue. Even though its not the most effective way to pay users, at least you can be sure they do have the money to pay (for now at least).

Has Anyone Actually Gotten Paid

Have they paid any of their members? This too is very important but since the website is very new, I won't be able to confirm this until the last day of the month. when they actually claim to pay users. We will just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Update: It turned out that few people have actually gotten paid. But I have also seen lots of folks complain about not getting paid even after reaching the payment threshold.

What Are Users Experience 

What are other users opinion about the website. You can take this into account only when the website have been around for a reasonable lenght of time. Because, if people have a good experience about the website they would want to share it. similarly, if they have a negative experience with the website they will also share their experience. Again, I do not have enough data here so we will have to wait untill there is enough data.

So is NnuForum a Scam | My Verdict

It is possible to make a reasonable amount of money with this website in the short term. But I will not advice anyone to rely on this website in the long term. The website is almost structured similar to and will definitely have the same fate.

What I mean  by this is that the early set of people to sign up and use NnuForum V2 will probably make some cash, but like, it will "crash" or stop paying at some point. You can easily see this if you study how the website is built. Whether you choose to sign up on the forum or not is totally up to you. This is just my honest review.

Update: You can already see this happening since the forum has been running for a while now. A very tiny number of people got paid while others are having a hard time withdrawing their cash. And this happened to the early adopters. It will only get even more difficult with time.

If you have any question or experience with please leave them in the comment below.


  1. It's nice and I hope this version two pays very well o 'cos I wasn't able to earn much in the version 1

  2. This isnt a bad innovation actually. The NNU has emancipated Nigerians and it will raise millionaires. Personally, I would say that N1600 is not a bad investment, since its only a one-time payment.
    Nice writeup admin.

  3. The problem we have in Nigeria is poor thinking. We all know nnuforum Will fail but we still engage in it.

    The Truth is that new people money are used to pay early adopters. Entering or registering now is more risky as your money is used to pay others.

    Secondly the withdrawal. You have to reach 5,000 to cash out what if you don't meet the 5,000, you won't be paid.

    I wish them well but bare in mind, it will fail in the long run

  4. another scam waiting to happen, in short people are already complaining . Can use give us a review about ?

  5. Actually, I was among the beneficiaries of nnu version 1, although, they stopped paying revenue share but pays affiliate earnings at the long run, the fact is that we don't know if this version 2 will stop or not, but let's make the money first just a token of 1400.

  6. Even am new in that platform called nnuforum... They said that you must reach the threshold of #5,000 before you will request for your withdrawal but I have reach to the threshold, I now requested my money on,let me say I registered it on 21st and I now started wetting for the end of the month to reach so that they will pay me I did not see anything till today

  7. Enter your comment just hope this is not another scam

  8. Complete scam they never paid me after two months they disable comments on their Facebook posts so that people don't express themselves


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