How To Get Adsense Approval Fast

Running ads is one of the many ways bloggers monetize their site.  Adsense is by far one of the most reputable and highest paying ad network out there.
This is no wonder so many bloggers want to become Adsense publishers.

Adsense team have to review hundreds of applications everyday sent by publishers and very few of this publishers end up getting approved by Adsense. This is because google have very strict rules its publishers must follow before their website can be approved.

The good news is that if your site comply with the Adsense  policy, it will be accepted into the program. I have talk about some what your website or blog should have, and also what you should avoid to get your site approved by adsense.

Create About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us And Disclaimer Pages

There are some pages Adsense requires all blog to have before they can be accepted into the program. These are About us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us page and disclaimer. Even more important are the content of these pages.

Your about us page should contain a description of your site. While your contact us page should provide a means by which users who visit your blog can contact you. Either through a form or an email address. Your privacy policy page should let your visitors know what information you collect from them and disclaimer usually warn the users that your site Is not legally responsible for what is found on the site. This is just a short description of what this pages should contain. You should be able to find information on how to create them with a simple google search.

Have A Clean Design

If you want to get accepted as a publisher then your site should have a clean design, an easy to navigate menu and easy to read text.

Most bloggers will want to get a the perfect theme before they apply, while this is good. You don't really need anything super fancy. Any blog theme or template that will allow the user navigate your site easily and provide easy to read text would do just fine.

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Content On Your Site

I would say between 15 – 23 post is a good number of article to aim for before applying for Adsense. if you have more than these then you site can still be approved. I said between 15 - 23 post because then if you get disapproved it will be easier for you to find and fix whatever issue you may have.

The length of the text contain in each blog post is also important too. Usually, content with less than 150 words will be regarded as thin content. Or those with images and very few text. Before applying, make sure each of your article contains at least 300 words.

Create Original Content, Avoid Copy And Paste

Google have continuously stated that it will only accept publishers with original content. This means content created from scratch by the publisher. If you have copied and paste any content from another blog, then it is important that you remove them if you want your blog to be approved by Adsense. This doesn't mean you can't write about topics that have already been written by other bloggers. it just means you should be able to write them in your own words.

Taking bits of content from another blog and combining it into a single blog post will still be regarded as copied content. Or those generated using software like spinners.

Even using copyrighted images you find on google search will usually result in your account not been approved.
If you must use images then you can either create one yourself or use copyright free images.

Avoid Using Other Ad Network

If you are using other ad network on your website, you should make sure you get rid of them before applying. Some ad network might disrupt the user experience of your site. So it is a great idea to remove them when applying. This does not include affiliate link or banners. If you have those you can keep them. The most important thing here is to not affect the user experience of your site.

Some Common Adsense Questions

These are some of the questions are often get concerning Adsense approval

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved By Adsense

When I first applied for Adsense on this blog, it took less than 2 hours for me to receive a reply, of which I was rejected. It will take another 5 tries before I was finally accepted. All of which took 5 days each to get a reply. Except for the fifth time which took less than 24 hours.

So how long it takes for a site to be reviewed by Adsense really depends on how often you have been rejected and how many people applied before you. What I have discovered is that Adsense team usually give priority to publishers who are just applying for the first time. This is why it is important to make sure your site is Adsense ready before you apply, because there is no assurance you will get the same speedy reply you got when you first applied.

Can I Get Adsense Approved With A Blogspot Blog

Yes, it is possible to get a sub-domain like "" approved by Adsense. But this will be a hosted Adsense account and if you ever get a custom domain then your new domain will have to be review again by adsense team.


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