If you are looking for the best Android keyboard for your specific need, then you have come to the right place.
There are different types of third party keyboard available for Android users to choose from.

While some users might want a keyboard that is more secure. Since these keyboards are used for entering password, to credit card numbers. Others might want a keyboard that will allow them type faster, or maybe a keyboard with a beautiful design.
Whatever your specific need might be, our list of the best android keyboard has got you covered.
I have shared 5 of the best Android keyboard. For better typing, Speed,  Security. Design etc.


Gboard is googles official keyboard. it is one of the top android keyboard available. It is fast and has a simple design. Which is the reason it is so much liked by a lot of users. Gboard is a good choice for general everyday use.

Gboard does not have a wide range of themes to choose from like other android keyboard.  it features include a dictionary which is linked to your google account together with powerful prediction, easy to access stickers, gif and gesture typing. Gboard user can also create their own gif.

Gboard is completely free and can be downloaded on the play store.


Grammarly Is a service that checks your spelling and grammar mistakes while correcting them as you type. The good news is that they also rolled out there very own keyboard for android users. It is a great choice for writing important text like e-mail, Facebook post etc. it is also a good choice for writers in general.

The grammarly keyboard mainly focuses on grammar correction and do not support features like gesture typing, GIF and other customization.

Grammerly keyboard is free to use and can be downloaded from the play store.

Chrooma: Color, Choice, and clarity

This keyboard has same features just like Gboard but unlike Gboard, it has a lot of customization. it will automatically change color to blend in whatever app you are currently using. For example, using twitter will turn the keyboard blue. Google yellow etc.

This is a good choice if you just want a beautiful keyboard without compromising performance.

You can also change the colors yourself if you don’t like whatever color the app uses.

Other features include spilt mode for thumb typing, emoji and night mode. Night mode can be set to automatically turn on at night. It can also check for spelling and grammar error.

Chrooma have premium features which allow your settings like predictions to sync between devices, and a whole lot of styles, font and size to choose. Get it on play store


If you are looking for an all-round performer keyboard, then swiftKey is the keyboard for you. It has no specific approach to any type of user. And is an excellent choice for users who don’t have any specific need but just want a keyboard that is customizable and easy to use.

swiftKey excel in all type of touch typing. And include other features like auto synced data between devices, autocorrect and themes. Get it here

Hackers Keyboard

If you want an android keyboard with all the missing keys you are used to on a desktop keyboard then hackers keyboard might just be the right choice for you. Hackers Keyboard include all the layout that a traditional hardware keyboard would have like an Alt key, Ctrl key, Function key, arrow key etc. You can get hackers keyboard on the playstore.

How To Set Up Third Party Keyboard On Android

Each of this keyboard listed above are third party keyboard and will need to be enabled as your primary keyboard before you will be able to use anyone of them.

Usually, when you first install a third party keyboard you will see a button that says 'enable keyboard' or something close to that. Clicking on it will give you the option to enable the keyboard and set it as your primary Keyboard. But you can also do this manually by going to settings > language and input > current keyboard. From here you can enable any keyboard you have installed on your phone.


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