9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2020

Finally, we are dropping the latest 9mobile free browsing cheat for 2020. It's been a while since we last shared free internet for 9mobile users. The last cheat we shared on this blog was on the 9mobile social smart pak. All this while, available free browsing cheat has either been for MTN, Airtel or Glo users. But today, I bring to you the latest free browsing cheat for 9mobile.

This cheat is not totally free. It requires a bit of subscription on your side. But trust me, the subscription is totally worth it, as you will be getting a whooping 2.2GB for just N350 for a month. Pretty neat huh? Plus, you can keep doing this for as long as you like if you want to pass the 2.2GB mark. So lets jump right into the settings. But first, here are a few things you will need to set this up.


  • A 9mobile SIM
  • minimum of N350 on your SIM
  • An Android Phone
  • http injector (download it here)

9mobile Social Media Free Browsing Cheat

like I said earlier, you will need to have a minimum of N350 on your SIM to activate this cheat. The reason is that we will be subscribing to the the 9mobile social media only data plan. As most of you already know, the social media plan is a data plan that lets you access only social media. It is capped at 2.2GB per month. I am sure by now you already know where this is going. The trick is that, we will be using this plan to power all apps and website instead of just social media website.

This can be easily achieved using a VPN or Proxy sever to hide your internet so your ISP would be unable to tell if you are browsing another site.

We will make use of Http injector, which is a relatively popular app since we have already used it before for the MTN free browsing cheat. If you don't have http injector you can also make use of spark VPN. The idea is pretty much the same.

9mobile Free Browsing Settings For Http Injector

here is how to set up your http injector for browsing free on 9mobile

  • Navigate to were you saved the configuration file and select it
  • Click on connect and wait for it.

At this point, if you have done everything correctly, your http injector should connect in no time. To unsubscribe or opt out of the 9mobile social media plan dial *343*5*0#

Of course the config file do have an expiring date. If you config file have expired your http injector might not connect. I will do my best to constantly update this post with the latest config file.

Download Http Injector Config File For 9mobile

here is the http injector configuration file for 9mobile N350 for 2.2GB. download it here.


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