How To Get 30MB For N50 On MTN

MTN Nigeria have introduced one of their cheapest data plan, which is the N50 for 30MB. While this plan is extremely cheap, the allocated data is really small as well. The N50 for 30MB is only available for subscribers who are on the MTN beta talk tarrif plan.

The MTN beta talk tarrif plan is a plan that was introduced by MTN that gives subscribers 150% airtime bonus on every recharge.

Along side the N50 for N30MB MTN Nigeria also introduced a plan that gives subscribers 1GB+ N1000 airtime for N1000.

How To Subscribe To MTN N50 For 30MB

To subscribe to the MTN N50 for 30MB, simply Text B30 to 131. Upon sending this message. N30 will be deducted from your account balance and 30MB worth of data will be allocated to you.

This data plan is valid for 24hrs and is only available to subscribers on beta talk tarrif plan.


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