Send, Receive And Earn Crypto Over WhatsApp With Lite.IM Bot

WhatsApp users can now send, receive and earn cryptocurrency over WhatsApp. This was made possible by the creation of a new WhatsApp bot called Lite.IM that was developed by Zulu Republic.

What Exactly is Lite.IM WhatsApp Bot

Lite.IM is a WhatsApp bot developed by Zulu republic, a Swiss-based messaging platform. With Lite.IM bot you can receive, send, and store cryptocurrency over WhatsApp.

As at the time of writing this article. Lite.IM support cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litcoin (LTC) and its own Zulu coin (ztx).

The Lite.IM WhatsApp bot also lets users earn free crypto by referring friends to use the Lite.IM WhatsApp bot.

How To Earn Free Crypto From Lite.IM WhatsApp Bot

Users who will like to earn bitcoin through the Lite.IM WhatsApp bot can do so, as the bot provides a way for user to earn cryptocurrency by sharing Lite.IM with friends.

Earning from Lite.IM is free and all users need is a WhatsApp account to start earning from this bot.
Once you have got WhatsApp installed on your phone then you are ready to earn money in the form of crypto with Lite.IM.
  • To earn from Lite.IM WhatApp bot, follow this simple steps carefully.
  • Go to the Lite.IM WhatsApp bot  by clicking here
  • click on send, to send the message that appears on your WhatsApp message box and you will get a reply from the bot asking you to select your prefered language

  • Reply with a number to choose a language.
  • Now set a password by typing and sending it as a message to Lite.IM 

From here, everything should be self explanatory. And you can begin earning crypto or bitcoin by sharing your referral link.

After creating a password. You will see a new option labeled as “claim reward” this option will allow you see if anyone have use your invite link and how much you have earned.

You can find your referrer link by replying with the number next to share. And the bot will send you a unique link which you can share with anyone.

If someone uses your invite link, you will automatically earn bitcoin worth about $0.1. The person you invite must create a password in other for Lite.IM to recognize the user and reward you with bitcoin.

Each successful invite will earn you about $0.1 or N36(36 Nigerian naira) per referral. Which is the equivalent of 0.000013 BTC. This bitcoin is not sent immediately but will automatically be sent to your wallet periodically

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