How To Check Your Number On MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile

Remembering your phone number can be difficult at times especially during this time when almost everyone have more than one mobile number.

Usually, when you buy a new SIM card, the SIM normally comes with a SIM pack that has got the SIM number written on it. But if you can’t find the SIM pack your SIM originally came with, or maybe you just got a new number and keep forgetting the number. Then this quick guide will show you how you can check your phone number on MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile(formally Etisalat)

How To Check Your MTN Number

To check your phone number on MTN, dial *123*1*1# , and your MTN number will be displayed on the screen. You can also call MTN customer care or check the SIM pack your MTN number came with. But of course all this isn’t really necessary if you can just dial the above code on your MTN line.

How To Check Your Glo Number

Glo SIM pack also comes with the Glo number written on it. But if for some reason you cannot find your Glo SIM pack then you can dial  1244. Unlike the MTN code which displays your number on the screen, dialing this number on Glo will instead read your number to you via Voice. So be sure to have a pen and paper around so you can write them down.

How To Check Your Airtel Number

Airtel Nigeria also makes its easy for its users to quickly check their phone number. To check your Airtel number, Dial *121*3*4# and your Airtel number will be shown to you.

How To Check Your 9mobile Number

9mobile users can check their 9mobile phone number by dialing *248#. This code will display your 9mobile number on the screen.

Be sure to write all of this code down or just bookmark this page if you regularly forget your mobile number, so you can easily refer back to it if you need to check your phone number.

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