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There have been a social messaging app that was recently launched in Nigeria that is currently trending in the free browsing community. This is Flaim. In order to celebrate/ promote its launch in Nigeria, Flaim is given free 500MB + 250MB to users for downloading and signing up on Flaim.

What Exactly Is Flaim

Flaim is a social messaging /chat app that lets you chat with friends and family. Messages and calls on Flaim are free and are secured with encryption to ensure security. Apart from interacting with friends and family, the platform have also promised to launch its own coin which we are looking forward to.

How To Get Free Data On Flaim

Getting your free data on Flaim  is very easy, just follow this simple step.
  • Download the Flaim app here
  • Sign up with your phone number.( all major networks in Nigeria are eligible but we recommend using MTN)
Update: This post have been updated and Flaim have stopped given users the free data. Flaim have said that it will only give 100,00 users the free data and I guess this number have been reached.

That’s it, and within minutes your free data or MB as most people call it, will instantly be sent to you. Some users have reported getting up to 1.5GB while others even got an airtime of N500 in addition to the free data.

You can also invite friends to use Flaim to earn free airtime. According to Flaim, you will be given N500 for inviting 5 friends to download the app.

I Did Not Get The Free Flaim Data/MB

While most people did get their data almost immediately, I cannot ignore the fact that I did get a ton of message from users who didn’t get the free data. Some of this users didn’t get a response at all when registering on the Flaim platform while others got a message like this.

Dear flaim user, we apologise for our inability to activate your data gift at this moment. It's due to Network issues. We are working to resolve this quickly. “

I should also say that some users who got this error later got the free data. So I will suggest that you simply wait if you did not get any data from Flaim after signing up.

Download Flaim APK

Some users cannot download the Flaim app from play store for some reason, because of this I will be providing the apk here for download. But I suggest that user get the app directly from play store here, in other to get the latest version. If for some reason you cannot download Flaim on play store then download the apk here.

If you have any questions please ask them in the comment.

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  1. I want to ask what of if I invited 3 persons will I have 300 naira airtime or must it be 5 in number

  2. I invited 5 friends and I didn't get my 500 naira airtime


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