WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that lets users manage who can add them on WhatsApp group.

With this new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to choose one of three options. Which are Nobody, My contacts or Everyone.

The Everyone option, which is the default will allow anyone including those that are not in your contact list to add you to WhatsApp group. The my contact option only allows those in your contact list to add you to WhatsApp group. While the nobody option prevents anyone from adding you to a WhatsApp group without your consent.

If you have Selected the Nobody option, people can only add you to WhatsApp group by sending a group invite link to you privately. The invite link will only be active within 72hrs, after which it will be deactivated.

WhatsApp has taken this step to address privacy issues and to stop the spread of false information which have become a norm on WhatsApp. For instance, BBC reported that during the Brazil election political campaigners used computer software to automatically add people to politically motivated WhatsApp group without their consent.

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How To Prevent People From Adding You To WhatsApp Group.

Previously the only way to prevent yourself from been added to a WhatsApp group was by blocking the group admin of such group. Now with this new feature by WhatsApp you can prevent anyone from adding you into a WhatsApp group without your consent.

WhatsApp has already included the feature to manage who can add you to WhatsApp group and will be rolled out to users in a couple of weeks.

From WhatsApp go to Account > Privacy > Group. From here you can mange who can add you to WhatsApp group.

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