24clan VPN Pro Settings | Config File and Apk

Since not everyone understand how a VPN works. Some users may find it difficulty to set up their VPN for free browsing cheat. In this article, I will introduce you to a VPN that lets anyone browse the internet for free with just a click of a button.

Update: Some users may have noticed that their 24clan VPN pro no longer connects. If this is you, then all you need do is to download a newer version called 24clan VPN Green.

The Green version  pretty much have the same features as the old 24clan. Only difference is the UI, plus the green version have been updated with new settings. I have provided the download link for 24clan VPN Green below. So if you'd like to download it, scroll down to "Download 24clan VPN Green" in this article.

24clan VPN Green Settings

Settings for the old version still applies to 24clan VPN Green. But since the UI is different, I am just going to briefly explain how you can set it up. The custom settings for the old 24clan still applies to this one.

  • Click on the drop down button next to the custom button 

  • Select your preferred settings. Depending on the network you use.  
  • Click connect. The connect button is the gray VPN logo located at the middle of the app.

This VPN is called 24clan VPN Pro (now called 24clan VPN Green), and it already have most of the free browsing settings configured for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. This helps eliminate errors when setting up a free browsing cheat. And it also makes it easy for those who are not experience in setting up free browsing tricks to also browse free on their device with just a click of a button.

How Does 24clan VPN Work

24clan VPN Pro already have some of the free browsing settings configured directly in the VPN app. The free browsing settings was hard coded into the app by the developer, Making it easy to use. Unlike other VPN where the user have to manually insert the settings themselves.

24clan VPN have both a custom settings option and import tweak option. Just like Tweakware, so that users can also set up their own custom cheat. 24clan VPN can also be used as a regular VPN by Setting the option under the server to none.

How To Set Up 24clan VPN For MTN Free Browsing Cheat

  • First download 24clan VPN from plays store.
  • Launch the app and click on the none button under the server.

  • Once you click on it a bunch of option will appear, select MTN 0.0k

  • Click connect and it should connect within seconds

It typically takes less than 30 seconds for this VPN to connect. As you may have noticed, when you clicked on the "none" button under the server. You may have seen other options like the MTN Ghana free browsing cheat, or the 9mobile 2GB for N700. You can select any of these options. In general, select the one that best suit you.

24clan VPN can also be used for browsing free on other networks(not just MTN) and other countries as well.

For example those in Ghana can select the MTN Ghana free browsing cheat and those with a 9mobile SIM can choose the 9mobile N700 for 2GB if they have the plan active on their SIM.

You can also use 24clan VPN Pro as a normal VPN by leaving the button under the server at none. Changing this option to custom will allow you to set up your own custom free browsing cheat if you have the settings. You can also create your own config file for 24clan VPN and import it directly into the app.

Download 24clan VPN Green

Here is the apk file for 24clan VPN Green official.

Download 24clan VPN Green official

 As the previous app, no setting is required on your part. Just choose your preferred settings and click connect. The connect button is the green VPN logo located at the center of the app.

Download 24clan VPN Pro APK

Due to recent update of the 24clan VPN Pro, some free browsing cheat which used to work really well on the app stopped working. While the developer has promised to fix this in the next update, here is an older vesion of the 24clan VPN Pro that still works.

Download 24clan VPN Pro 

This is an apk file of 24clan VPN Pro. If you would like to download a more recent version of this app. Download 24 clan VPN Pro from Play store.

24clan VPN Pro Custom Settings

Some users have requested to have the custom settings for the 24clan VPN Pro. Since the 24clan VPN has a custom settings option. You can use a currently working free browsing cheat settings with it and it will work just fine. For example, here is an MTN Nigeria free browsing setting for 24clan VPN Pro

  • Launch your 24clan VPN Pro and click on the none button under the server.
  • A bunch of options will appear, select custom
  • Now click on settings at the top left of the app and select custom

Now set it as below:

  • Select connection mode:       HTTP
  • Sever Port:                                8080
  • Host Header:                              mtn1app.mtn.com
  • Select Header Line Type:         singleline
  • Proxy Host:                       
  • Proxy Port:                                  8080

Now click back and hit connect.

Download 24clan VPN Pro config file

If you don’t want to set the custom settings by yourself, you can still import a config file. The 24clan VPN Pro also allows you to install a remote file. Here is the 24clan VPN Pro config file for MTN

Download 24clan VPN Pro config file here

The config file provided above is for MTN. If you wish to use a config file for another network then you will need to insert a custom settings for that particular network into 24clan VPN Pro and then click on export.

If you have any questions do tell us in the comment below, we read and respond to every comment usually the same day.

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