Due to the constant changes in free browsing cheat, phone and PC as well as other areas relating to tech. We at CCnaija have seen a need to create a community where members can also share latest updates, tips and solutions in these areas.

While we strive to cover the latest free browsing cheat, smart phone review, mobile app review and other tech related tips and tricks. We do realize that our readers may also have some questions which may require immediate answers that we may not be able to provide right away, like the latest free browsing config file, or free browsing cheats on MTN, Glo, 9mobile, And Airtel. Hence, the need for a telegram group and whatsapp group. Where members can also contribute and share their own solutions relating to this areas.

The CCnaija  WhatsApp and Telegram group discussion is a place for sharing of latest free browsing cheat and tech updates. Both gurus and those who want to benefit from the Telegram group or WhatsApp group are welcome to join.

Telegram And WhatsApp Group Rules

  1. All form of Advertisement will not be tolerated and may lead to the member being removed/banned from the group. If you wish to place any kind of ads. please first contact any of the admin.
  2. Sharing of inappropriate pictures or videos in the group will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate removal and banned from the group.

CCnaija Whatsapp and Telegram Group link

Because of the limited number of users that can be part of a WhatsApp group, we highly encourage members to subscribe to the Telegram Channel or Facebook Page. Since they can accommodate more members. We have also created a secomd WhatsApp Group since the first one is alreay filed up.

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