There are a few ways you can track an android phone. Whether your reason for wanting to track your mobile phone is to locate a stolen android phone, to locate your lost android phone, or just simply out of curiosity. In this article, I will show you how you can locate any android phone.

There are basically two ways you can do this, either through Google Find My Device(Android Device Manager) or by using the lost phone IMEI number and SIM card.

How To Track Your Android Phone With Google Find My Device(formally Android Device Manager)

The google find my device is a service that was launched by google to help locate lost android devices. You can download the google find my device app on the play store.

In order to successfully use the Google Find My Device to locate your lost android phone, the lost android phone most have a google account signed in or associated with it. You either use the Google Find My Device android app or go to from your computer. Or just simply search for find my device on google search. Either way, you will have to be signed in with the google account associated with the lost device.

Once you are signed in, you will see all devices that are associated with that google account. You can then choose the lost android phone and google will immediately start tracking your lost android phone.

The android phone you are trying to track needs to have an internet connect either through cellular data or WIFI. It would be impossible to track if the device internet connection is turned off. The lost device also need to have its location turned on.

The Google Find My Device can also Ring, Secure or Erase data from your Stolen or lost android phone. You will find this option when you are logged into Google Find My Device.

The Erase option is particularly helpful if you have sensitive files on your android phone that you wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands. Then you can use this option to remotely wipe the phone clean. which will erase everything on the device.

With the Secure option, you can remotely lock your lost or stolen android phone or change its password and PIN. This option will also allow you to write a message on the  devices screen. It can be helpful to use this option to write something like a phone number just in case if someone who will like to return your android phone finds it, they can easily contact you.

The Play Sound or Ring option will play really loud sound on your lost or stolen android phone for about 5 minutes. This can help if you know your device is close by, but you are unable to locate it. With this option, your device will ring on full volume so that you can easily locate it.

The google find my device needs an Internet connection to work. You have to make sure too that the device you are trying to locate have an internet connection.

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How To Track A Lost Phone Using IMEI/SIM card

The good thing about this method is that the phone you are trying to locate or track does not need to have an internet connection.  The success of this method will depend on cooperation of your mobile service provider.

IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15 digit number which is unique for every mobile phone. The IMEI of a mobile phone is like the identity of that phone. You can dial *#06# to see your IMEI number.

When you insert your sim card into a mobile phone, the IMEI number and location of that phone is automatically tracked by your mobile service provider. This help telecom companies block a particular mobile phone from using their service and can also serve as vital information to law enforcement agents in case of crime.

First you should try calling your lost mobile phone or sending a text message so that its last location can be tracked by your mobile service provider.

Now get the mobile phone number that was in the phone when it was stolen and the IMEI number of the stolen or lost phone. You can find the IMEI number of your lost phone in the pack that your phone came with when you first bought it.

Call your local mobile service provider and give them your mobile phone number and IMEI number, ask them if your cell phone number is still associated with your lost device IMEI number. If their reply is no, then it means who ever stole your cell phone may have change the sim card.

You can ask your mobile service provider to tell you the SIM card number now associated with your IMEI number. They will be able to tell you the new SIM number that was inserted into your lost or stolen phone as well as the device location.

Although mobile service providers can easily do this, they will rarely tell you the IMEI number associated with a particular SIM or its location. They usually only give this information to law enforcement officers when requested. At least this is the case in my country. They do this in order to protect users and to prevent abuse.

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