How Gidimo Works | Get Free Data Bundle

Some of you already know that you can get free data bundle with the Gidimo android app, and perhaps you have already gotten yours. If you are just hearing of Gidimo for the first time and would love to get a free data bundle from Gidimo, then you can scroll to 'How to get free data bundle on gidimo' in this article.

So What Exactly Is Gidimo And How Does It Work

Gidimo is an online platform that aims to make learning fun and easy for Everyone. it is a platform targeted particularly at African students.

Gidimo have various programs for students at almost all levels of education. from primary schools to tertiary institutions and even professionals.

Sometimes learning can be in the form of social challenges and battles. This not only makes learning more fun and interesting for students, but can also help students remember more of what they have leant.

Gidimo also organizes online tournaments for users from time to time.  Real prizes can be won from this tournaments like smart phones and Laptops.

Most Gidimo programs requires something called Gidi(GGs) in other for users to subscribe.

Gidi sometimes called GGs, is a kind of E-currency for the Gidimo platform. Gidi(GGs) can be brought with real money through various  payment methods like bank transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal etc.

Students can find their GG balance in their wallet by clicking on the wallet button on the Gidimo android app. Users can also redeem their Gidi(GGs) for data bundles.

For users who may have questions while using Gidimo platform. Gidimo provides an online community where users can have discussions, share questions, and find answers to their questions.

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How To Get Free Data Bundle On Gidimo

As at the time of writing this article, Gidimo have a program were they reward new users with 150MB of data bundle when they sign up on the Gidimo platform.

50MB is given for signing up on the Gidmo platform and 100MB is also given for installing the Gidimo Android app. Users can also earn 400MB of internet data bundle when they invite friends to sign up and subscribe on the Gidimo platform.

The sign up process is really easy and takes less than a minute. All that is required is your name, phone number and password. During sign up, an OTP(one time password ) will be sent to your number to confirm that you own the number. After which you will be required to provide an MTN number which the data bundle will be transferred to.

Users who want even more data bundle can install the Gidimo app and refer friends to sign up on the Gidimo platform. your friends will also gets 150MB worth of data bundle when they sign up on Gidimo.

Update: Gidimo have stopped the free data offer as at the 4th of may 2019, So you can no longer get free data on gidimo. If you would like to get other free data offer you can browse through this website as we are always on the lookout for free data offer like this.

How To Get/Load Your Gidimo Wallet

Sometimes users are rewarded with free GGs for completing topics, participating in challenges, tournaments and competing in social battles. You can also get more GGs by loading GGs to your wallet.

GGs can be bought by clicking on load Gidi in your wallet and choosing the amount of GGs you want to purchase.

GGs can be used to subscribe to programs on the Gidimo platform. You can also redeem GGs as internet data bundle if you prefer. For more info visit the Gidimo website.

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