How JumiaPay (Jumia One) Works, Get Free N1000 and 5% Cash back On Airtime And Data

How would you like to get 5% cash back on all data and Airtime you have ever purchased. If there was a platform or app that can do this for you, I am sure you will want to know about it.

Update: The Jumia One App is now known as JumiaPay. Hence, Jumia One and JumiaPay mean the same. Keep this in mind as you read.
Also, If you are more interested in getting the free N1000 by jumia, scroll to " how to get free N1000 on jumia one " in this article.

Okay, so there isn’t a magical app which can do that yet. But there is a service that comes close to this, and it is called Jumia One.

What is JumiaPay

JumiaPay, formerly known as "Jumia one" is a mobile app that brings all Jumia services into a single app. It aims to become a one “stop shop” for all online services in Africa.
JumiaPay (Jumia One) promises zero fees on transactions done through its platform and 5% cash back on every data and Airtime transaction.

As you may know, Since jumia was first launch in Nigeria. The company has been opening a lot of new services like Jumia Travel, Jumia food, Jumia Party and  Jumia Flex.

JumiaPay brings all of this services into a single app.  I have had the chance to use Jumia one, mainly to buy airtime and data. And I like the fact that I don’t have to run from my house to a voucher seller anytime I want to recharge my phone. Plus I also get 5% cash back on all recharge. Something I don’t usually get even with a bank recharge.

Apart from the 5% cash back. You will also get a discount of up to N2500. Especially if it’s your first time of using the Jumia one app.

Some of you might not think 5% is really that significant, but calculate 5% of the amount of airtime and data you purchase for over a year. And it will start looking pretty significant. This is especially true if you are on a tight budget or just want to save some extra buck. This is apart from the zero transaction fee you will get when using Jumia One to pay utility bills(more on this later).

So is Jumia One owned by some rich guy out there who just loves to give people free money? of cause not. Even with all this, Jumia is still making a ton of money with Jumia one. All this is part of a business strategy jumia uses to get more users to use Jumia One.

How To Use The Jumia One App

It is pretty simple as I explained. You just have to download the Jumia one app, and if you already have a Jumia account then it gets easier. As you don’t have to register again on the Jumia One app. You can just log in with your Jumia details. And you will see a list of all jumia one services you can use. Like to book a  ride, payment of electricity bills, ordering of food, recharging your phone etc.

Pretty much every service offered by Jumia can be found on the Jumia one app.

Once you select what service you will like to use. You will be required to make payment either through a credit card or bank transfer. Jumia one always sends an OTP(one Time Security) every time you decide to make a payment through the Jumia One App. This way, you can be rest assured that your payment are always secured. You can also choose to use finger print or pattern lock to access your Jumia One account for added security if you so wish.

During payment, you can decide to save your card details so you don’t have to enter them every time you want to make a payment on Jumia One.

How To Recharge Your Jumia One Wallet

If you login to Jumia one. You will see your wallet balance at the top left of your screen. It shows how much balance you have left on your Jumia one wallet. whenever you are given a discount or cash back on Jumia One, you will be able to see it as a balance on your Jumia wallet. As at the time of writing this article, there is no button currently that lets you fund your Jumia One wallet. You will have to make payment through any of the payment methods offered by Jumia one.

How To Refer A Friend To Jumia One

You can refer a friend to Jumia one by clicking the invite friend button. By using your invite link, whomever you refer to the jumia one app will get 20% cash back on their first payment on Jumia one.

You can download the Jumia One on play store. Jumia one is also available for Iphone users. So you might want to search for it on the App Store

How To Get Free N1000 On Jumia One

Jumia One has a referral program that offers customer free N1000 who invite friends to use the app.
Follow this step to get your free N1000 from Jumia one

  • First Download the Jumia one app here
  • Launch the app and sign in, or sign up if you are new to Jumia one(you can also use your Jumia account to sign in)
  • Make a purchase worth at least N200 ( you can buy an airtime)
  • Use code WELCOME20 to get 20% cash back on your first transaction
  • Click on the 'invite a friend' tap  to invite friends to download the app.
  • If anyone uses your link to download the app and make a purchase you will earn free N1000.

You can keep doing this to earn more money. When Jumia one first stated their referral program, it was N500 per referral, now it has been increased to N1000.

I am going to answer some of the questions I usually get consigning the Jumia one referral.

I invited a friend but was not given the free N1000

Whomever you invited to download the app must make a purchase with the jumia one app for you to get the free N1000. Also, they must be new users of the jumia one app. If you invite someone who already uses the app you will not be given the free N1000

Also, Jumia one just recently updated their terms. So your friend must now make a minimum of N200 purchase for you to get the free N1000

Can I withdraw the money I earned from my jumia one wallet

At this time, it is not possible to withdrawn the money in you jumia one Wallet. You can only use it to buy stuff on Jumia, like a smartphone, airtime, data etc.

How To Buy Data And Airtime On Jumia One

Buying of data and Airtime on Jumia One is very simple, On the Jumia One app, you will see a button that says Airtime or Data. You can click on any of them to either buy an airtime or data. You will then be required to insert the mobile number you want the airtime or data to be credited to. Just choose the network and amount of data you would like to buy and proceed to make payment. You will get 5% cash back on Airtime and data payment with Jumia One.

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