As you may know, we always do a review on money making schemes in other to save users from falling into a scam.

Since this websites are online it becomes particularly difficult for users to tell if they are genuine or not.

I have gone through the trouble of reviewing and In this article I will share with you whether or not is a scam.

Please note that both HIWAP and healthiswealth are used interchangeably in this article.

What is usually shorten as HIWAP, is a Nigerian health website that runs an affiliate program.
According to, registered users will earn 50% commission whenever a new user sign up through their affiliate link and pays N2000 to become an affiliate. is still new and was founded by a Nutritionist named Samuel Joy, as well as Paul Samson the owner of A Nigerian forum which runs similar scheme. But has recently been accused of being a scam by its users. is sometimes referred to as HIWAP. Which stands for health is wealth affiliate program. The website is already been shared by users across social media who want to make money through its affiliate program. Review

Before we talk about whether or not this website is a scam, lets first look at how revenue is generates and how members can earn from HIWAP.

There are basically two ways you can earn from HIWAP:

  1. When users sign up through your referral link
  2. By Writing Article

HIWAP Affiliate Program is free to join but in other to become an affiliate and earn 50% commission per referral, you will have to register as a pro member with N2000.

HIWAP, on its website stated that the N2000 is for “product” purchase. I could not tell what kind of product they sell as there was no mention of the suppose product. But I did come across a few health related ebooks on its website.

HIWAP runs a MLM scheme and says it uses the 2 X 2 Matrix circle. You earn N1000 when your referral registers with N2000. Which is 50% commission.
You also earn 25% indirect referral commission when your downline refers a new user and 10% bonus when your downline complete their circle. Article Writing

Another way you can earn from is by writing content for the website. According to healthiswealth, you don’t have to be an affiliate to earn from writing articles.

This means that even without paying the N2000 that all affiliate are suppose to pay, you can still earn by writing content for them.

I particularly like the idea that they do allow the public to earn by contributing to their website. But what they have failed to do is to state the quality of content that they accept.

How can a content writer be sure that his/her content will not be rejected.
I think they should state clear guidelines that content writers need to follow when writing content to get their article accepted.

Does (HIWAP) Pay

As at the time of writing this review healthiswealth does pay its affiliate, I was able to find a few payment proof. But most of this where earned through referral.

what I cannot tell, is whether or not they will continue to pay their affiliate. As was the case with

In my opinion, there is nothing special about the affliate program as what they do is just give you 50% of what you brought into the program by referring someone. And keep the other 50% for themselves.

So is a Scam

There is evidence that have paid some of it affiliate. But that alone doesn't make the website legit. I think It is too early to judge, as there is very little information to work with. needs time to prove itself as a legit program.

I will continue to find reviews from users who have used and will update this review once I gather enough information. If you have any questions or have had any experience with the HIWAP website please share it in the comment.


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