Glo Oga Sim | Get Huge Data bonus on All Data Plan

Glo has introduced a new service that gives subscribers 125% bonus on every data plan. This is the Glo oga SIM. Glo subscribers can now enjoy huge data bonus on every data plan.

Glo has taken this step in other to boost sales of its SIM, increase the number of subscribers on its network and to bring back lost subscribers to the Glo Network.

What Is The Glo Oga SIM

The Glo oga SIM is a promo by Glo Nigeria to new customers, that gives you 125% bonus of all data plan purchased. This is a difference of 100% bonus increase to the regular 25% bonus data you normally get when you purchased a data plan.

For example, if you are an old customer and buy a N1000 for 1.6GB data plan, you will be given 1.8GB which is a 25% bonus on your data plan. But if you have a GLO oga SIM you will get a whooping 3.6GB for the same amount. This bonus do not just apply to the N1000 data plan, but all existing data plan on Glo.

How To Be Eligible For A Glo Oga SIM

The easiest way to be eligible for a Glo oga SIM is to buy a new Glo SIM. Once you buy a new Glo SIM and activate it. That Sim automatically becomes a Glo oga Sim.

Old Glo customers who haven’t activated a data plan on their Glo line before will also be migrated to the Glo oga SIM, and will enjoy the 125% data bonus when they subscribe to a data plan.

Glo customers who haven’t subscribe to a data plan within the last 90 days will also be eligible for the Glo oga SIM offer.

How Long Does The Glo Oga SIM Last

The Glo oga SIM will Last for four months. After which you will then be reverted to the normal data plan where you will get 25% data bonus on every data plan. So within the first 4 months of activating the Glo oga SIM every data plan you subscribe to at this time will give you 125% bonus data.

What Else Should I Know About The Glo Oga SIM

One nice thing about the Glo oga SIM data plan is that it can be accumulated. Which means the more you subscribe to a data plan, the more data bonus you will be given. And you don’t have to wait for your current data plan to be exhausted. You can just subscribe right away and your current data will be added to the one you just subscribe to.

The Glo oga SIM also supports auto renewal. This way, you don’t have to manually subscribe to the same data plan every time. Of cause you can also turn off auto renewal if you don’t want your data plan to automatically renew itself every time.

if you gift a data plan to a Glo subscriber who has a glo oga SIM they will still get the 125% bonus data.

How To Subscribe To The Glo Oga Sim Data Plan

There is no special code needed to subscribe to the Glo oga SIM data plan. All you need to worry about is to make sure your SIM is eligible for the Glo Oga SIM, and every data plan you subscribe to will get 125% data bonus. Just use the regular *777# to subscribe to any data plan of your choice.

If you are wondering if the Glo Oga SIM data plan will work on 4G devices, then the answer is yes. The Glo oga SIM will work on both 3G and 4G devices. It also doesn’t select devices. So whether you are using a Smartphone or laptop. The Glo oga SIM will work the same way.

Just think of the glo Oga SIM data plan as your regular data plan. Whatever applies to a normal data plan will also apply to the Glo Oga SIM data plan, except for the fact that you get 125% data bonus on every data plan if you have a Glo Oga SIM.
And lastly guys, remember that the Glo Oga SIM will only be available to a particular SIM within the first four months of activation. After that, your SIM will go back to a normal GLO SIM where you get just 25% data bonus on every subscription.

My Glo Oga SIM Stopped Working 

So if you have been wondering why your Glo oga SIM Stop working or is no longer working after a period of time. It may be because you have already exceeded the period of time your SIM is eligible for the Glo oga SIM, or perhaps you are simply not eligible for the Glo oga SIM.
To continue using the Glo oga SIM just get yourself a new Glo sim.


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