AnonyTun VPN Settings for 9mobile Special Smart Pak

Yesterday I shared the 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak with you guys, where you get 2GB for N700. After sharing that article some people have asked me if it is possible to use the 9mobile Special Social Smart pak plan like a normal data plan, since it only lets you use social apps. It is In fact possible and I did mention in the previous post that I was going to share the settings to power all apps with the 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak.
As you may know, the 9mobile Smart Pak consists of a group of data plan that was designed to be used for social media only. While this post focuses on the 9mobile N700 for 2GB. it can as well be used to power all apps and browse other websites even if you subscribe to other 9 mobile SmartPak data plan.

We are going to use the smart Pak plan to browse other websites and power other apps with the help of a VPN(Virtual Private Network). I have decided to use AnonyTun VPN because it is relatively popular and a lot of us who have been following this blog Already have it installed. If you are finding CCnaija for the first time and don’t have AnonyTun VPN installed, you can download AnonyTun VPN from the play Store by clicking here.

AnonyTun VPN Settings For 9Mobile Special Smart Social Pak

I have specifically written this settings for AnonyTun VPN but this settings will also work across all other VPN that allows you to customize it. If for some reason you don’t have AnonyTun  VPN then you can still use this on other VPN.

  • Launch AnonyTun VPN and click on Stealth Settings and turn it ON
  • Choose HTTP for Connection Protocol
  • For  Connection Port insert 8080
  • Enable TCP/HTTP Headers and tap on Edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Under URL/Host input
  • Set request method to POST and tick Online Host, Forward Host and Keep Alive
  • Now Click save And Connect

If you are using AnonyTun VPN for the first time, you will get a dialog box informing you to grant AnonyTun access to intercept all network traffic. Just click OK to grant AnonyTun permission. That's all it takes to browse any website with the 9mobile Special Social Smart Pak.

There is a few stuff you need to know about the 9mobile Smart Pak data plan. The Special Social Smart pak cost N700 and is capped at 2GB. This plan is valid for 7 days. You can check your data status by dialing *228#.

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