Airtel Introduces New 0901 Number, See How To Get A Custom Number

Airtel Nigeria recently introduced a new 0901  prefix, and now the telecom company have made available the opportunity for anyone to get their preferred custom Airtel 0901 number.

According to Airtel, the 0901 new number prefix will introduce 10 million new numbers on the Airtel network. It may interest you to know that the 0901 number prefix is the 8th number prefix introduced by Airtel in Nigeria. Other Airtel numbers Include 0802, 0808, 0708, 0812,0701,0902 and presently the 0901.

Airtel have said the new 0901 number prefix proves its commitment to create better internet services and affordable data, in other to empower and create opportunities for Nigerians to succeed in their endeavors.

How To Get A Custom Airtel 0901 number

To create a custom Airtel 0901 number, Go to click on the menu on the website and you will find a button that says ‘pick a number’. Alternatively, you can simply go to Which will take you directly to the Airtel 0901 custom number page. Where you can then fill a form and select your preferred number.

The whole thing takes less than 5 minute to complete. And if all goes well, you will get a success message after clicking on submit. After which the number you choose will be reserved for you.

The 0901 number are reserved on a first come first served bases, which in turn depends on availability. So you will only be able to reserved an available numbers that have not been picked by someone else.

When your reserved number is available for collection, you will get a call or email from Airtel informing you to come pick up your custom number at their shop. This will be the same shop and location you selected when filling the form.

The number will only be available to you within 5 days from the time you get a call from Airtel. If you are unavailable to pick up your number within this period, the number will no longer be available to you. Available numbers to choose from ranges from 9019000001 – 9019002999.

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