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Infinix S4 Specs And Price In Nigeria

The infinix S4 have a very attractive design with a 2.5D glass back which is placed on a plastic body for a better aesthetic look, and is quiet comfortable to hold. At the top of the screen is a water drop notch which houses the selfie camera. It features a slim bezel with a small chin. The infinix S4 has no physical button except for the power button and volume key which are placed on the side of the phone. At the back is a triple rear camera with flash, a fingerprint scanner and a printed infinix logo place just below the finger print sensor. At the bottom side is a USB charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Available colours of the infinix S4 are Space Grey, Nebular Blue and Twilight Purple. Infinix S4 Key Specs Display:                        6.26 inch IPS 1520 x 720 pixels Camera:                       Triple 2MP + 8MP + 13MP rear Camera Front Camera:           32MP selfie Camera CPU :                             2.0GHz octa-core processor, MediaTek helio P22 R

How Gidimo Works | Get Free Data Bundle

Some of you already know that you can get free data bundle with the Gidimo android app, and perhaps you have already gotten yours. If you are just hearing of Gidimo for the first time and would love to get a free data bundle from Gidimo, then you can scroll to 'How to get free data bundle on gidimo' in this article. So What Exactly Is Gidimo And How Does It Work Gidimo is an online platform that aims to make learning fun and easy for Everyone. it is a platform targeted particularly at African students. Gidimo have various programs for students at almost all levels of education. from primary schools to tertiary institutions and even professionals. Sometimes learning can be in the form of social challenges and battles. This not only makes learning more fun and interesting for students, but can also help students remember more of what they have leant. Gidimo also organizes online tournaments for users from time to time.  Real prizes can be won from this tournaments like

Tecno Spark 3 Pro Specs And Price In Nigeria

The Tecno Spark 3 Pro is an upgrade to its predecessor, the Tecno Spark 3. The pro version has some features which are not included in the Spark 3. Some key upgrades include the 4G LTE and the storage which is twice the storage size of the spark 3. If you are looking for a mobile phone with great specs at affordable price then the Tecno Spark 3 Pro may have just been made for you. Tecno Spark 3 Pro Specification Display : 6.2- inches, IPS LCD,1520 x 720 pixel s Dimensions : 155.3 x 75.8 x 8.15 mm Processor : Quad-core 2.0GHz MediaTek Helio A22 RAM : 2GB RAM Internal Storage : 16GB Rear camera : Dual 13MP + 2MP camera Front-facing camera : 8MP camera Battery : Non-removable Li-Ion 3500mAh Sensors : Accelerometer, Proximity, Light Sensor, Fingerprint Scanner Storage : (Micro SD card support up to 64GB) Network : 4G LTE See Also: Infinix S4 Specs And Price In Nigeria Where Can I Buy The Tecno Spark 3 Pro The Tecno Spark 3 Pro can be purchased on Jumia. Buy the Tec

24clan VPN Pro Settings | Config File and Apk

Since not everyone understand how a VPN works. Some users may find it difficulty to set up their VPN for free browsing cheat. In this article, I will introduce you to a VPN that lets anyone browse the internet for free with just a click of a button. Update : Some users may have noticed that their 24clan VPN pro no longer connects. If this is you, then all you need do is to download a newer version called 24clan VPN Green . The Green version  pretty much have the same features as the old 24clan. Only difference is the UI, plus the green version have been updated with new settings. I have provided the download link for 24clan VPN Green below. So if you'd like to download it, scroll down to "Download 24clan VPN Green" in this article. 24clan VPN Green Settings Settings for the old version still applies to 24clan VPN Green. But since the UI is different, I am just going to briefly explain how you can set it up. The custom settings for the old 24clan still applies to t

Get Instant Loan Without Collateral With FairMoney

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of instant loan services in Nigeria. which is really exciting. I think the introduction of the BVN played a major roll in encouraging these services. lenders don't have to worry too much about fraud, thanks to BVN. And each person can now have a credit score, to help lenders determine who is most likely to pay back a loan. In this article, I talking about an online loan service called FairMoney. What Is FairMoney FairMoney is an online lender that offers instant loans to eligible individuals without the need for collateral. No paperwork is needed when getting a loan from as the process is automated. It typically takes less than 5 mins to get a loan from them. How Does FairMoney work It works the same way as every other instant loan service. It checks your credit score and uses the information you provided during registration to determine if you meet its requirements to obtain a loan. It does this by comparing the informa

AnonyTun Free Browsing Settings For MTN Ghana

If you are looking for how to browse unlimitedly for free with your MTN SIM then you are in luck. We have got a working settings that lets you browse for free on MTN Ghana. This free browsing works for those in Ghana only, so unless you are in Ghana, you will not be able to use this settings to browse for free. We however, have other free browsing cheat for other countries as well. you might want to check on other free browsing tricks on this website. We will be using the famous AnonyTun VPN to set up the MTN Ghana free browsing. The MTN Ghana free browsing with AnonyTun is unlimited and fast, plus it is easy to set up. Update: This settings have been updated with the latest AnonyTun MTN free browsing Cheat . Unlike the previous settings which uses the and host that was previously blocked, this one uses an entirely new host. The Settings have been Updated again with the latest working host. The previous host www.ns-dicovery.clou

Airtel Night Plan Have Been Reduced To 250MB For N25

Airtel have just reduced the Airtel night data plan from 500MB to 250MB. The Airtel Night plan is a data plan by Airtel which lets subscribers browse and download at night, usually at a cheaper rate. Recall that when the Airtel Night plan was first introduced, it use to have two types of plan you could subscribe to. One which cost N50 and gives you 1.5GB of data, and the other which cost N25 and gives you 500MB of data. See Also : How To Get Free 4GB On Airtel After some time the Night plan of 1.5GB for N50 was canceled and the N25 was decreased to 250MB. A lot of subscribers protested to this but the Airtel Night plan was still better than the MTN night plan as at the time, which was one of its major competitors. Because the Airtel Night plan Ends at 5:00 AM, it was way better than the MTN Night plan which usually ends at 4:00 AM. Just this morning we received a report that the Airtel Night plan has been reduced. According to those who subscribe to the Night plan they receive

AnonyTun VPN Settings for 9mobile Special Smart Pak

Yesterday I shared the 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak with you guys, where you get 2GB for N700. After sharing that article some people have asked me if it is possible to use the 9mobile Special Social Smart pak plan like a normal data plan, since it only lets you use social apps. It is In fact possible and I did mention in the previous post that I was going to share the settings to power all apps with the 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak. As you may know, the 9mobile Smart Pak consists of a group of data plan that was designed to be used for social media only. While this post focuses on the 9mobile N700 for 2GB . it can as well be used to power all apps and browse other websites even if you subscribe to other 9 mobile SmartPak data plan. We are going to use the smart Pak plan to browse other websites and power other apps with the help of a VPN(Virtual Private Network). I have decided to use AnonyTun VPN because it is relatively popular and a lot of us who have been following thi

2GB For N700 | 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak

9mobile Nigeria just unveil a new data plan known as the Special Smart Social Pak. The 9mobile Special Smart Social pak gives you 2GB of data for N700 and is valid for a week. The special Smart Social Pak is a subset of 9mobile special pak, which is in turn, is part of 9mobiles Smart Paks. The 9mobile Smart Paks consists of a group of data plan specifically designed for accessing social media app and platform. The 9mobile smart pak has been around for a long time but only recently did 9mobile include the Special Pak as part of the Smart Pak. This is coming less than a month after 9mobile announced the 9mobile free WhatsApp . Which lets you chat on WhatsApp for free on the 9mobile network. How Do I Subscribe To The 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak The USSD code to subscribe for the 9mobile special Smart Social Pak is *343*6*12#, at a cost of N700. Subscribers will get 2GB when they subscribe for the 9mobile Special Smart Social Pak. The Special Smart Social Pak is valid for a

XP Psiphon Settings | Config File | Apk

XP Psiphon is a VPN  that looks and have the same function as Psiphon VPN. But unlike Psiphon VPN, it gives you more control when it comes to setting its parameters. With this freedom, we can create our own settings that will allow us browse on any website or mobile network for free. Just like http injector , tweakware , etc. In this article, I am going to focus more on how we can use Psiphon VPN for MTN free browsing cheat. Which is usually called MTN 0.0k cheat, because it can be used without any credit on your sim. To get this MTN free browsing cheat working, you want to make sure that you’ve got XP Psiphon VPN installed on your phone. If you don’t have the app already, you can download XP Psiphon here. Also, make sure you’ve got an MTN SIM on your phone. Preferable one without any credit or data subscription on it. With XP Psiphon installed on your phone together with an MTN SIM, you are now ready to set up this MTN free browsing cheat. XP Psiphon Config File For MTN F

Airtel Introduces New 0901 Number, See How To Get A Custom Number

Airtel Nigeria recently introduced a new 0901  prefix, and now the telecom company have made available the opportunity for anyone to get their preferred custom Airtel 0901 number. According to Airtel, the 0901 new number prefix will introduce 10 million new numbers on the Airtel network. It may interest you to know that the 0901 number prefix is the 8th number prefix introduced by Airtel in Nigeria. Other Airtel numbers Include 0802, 0808, 0708, 0812,0701,0902 and presently the 0901. Airtel have said the new 0901 number prefix proves its commitment to create better internet services and affordable data, in other to empower and create opportunities for Nigerians to succeed in their endeavors. How To Get A Custom Airtel 0901 number To create a custom Airtel 0901 number, Go to click on the menu on the website and you will find a button that says ‘pick a number’. Alternatively, you can simply go to Which will take you di

Airtel Download Bundle | 1GB For N350

The Airtel N350 for 1GB is an Airtel download bundle, design specifically for downloading. Although you can use it to surf the web as well. If you are looking for a cheap Airtel data plan for downloading of movies, large files or updating your application, without breaking the bank. Then the Airtel download bundle is your best choice. This makes sense, because if you think about it. Using your monthly data plan for downloading huge files is not the wisest decision you will make. unless you can afford it. You can easily exhaust your monthly data bundle in a single day simply by downloading large files. Hence the need for the Airtel download bundle. Please note that both the N350 for 1GB and Airtel download bundle are  used interchangeably in this article. So have that in mind as you read along. See Also: How To Get Free 4GB on Airtel How To Activate The Airtel N350 For 1GB (Airtel download Bundle) The USSD code to subscribe for the Airtel N350 for 1GB which cost 350 naira is

How JumiaPay (Jumia One) Works, Get Free N1000 and 5% Cash back On Airtime And Data

How would you like to get 5% cash back on all data and Airtime you have ever purchased. If there was a platform or app that can do this for you, I am sure you will want to know about it. Update : The Jumia One App is now known as JumiaPay. Hence, Jumia One and JumiaPay mean the same. Keep this in mind as you read. Also, If you are more interested in getting the free N1000 by jumia, scroll to " how to get free N1000 on jumia one " in this article. Okay, so there isn’t a magical app which can do that yet. But there is a service that comes close to this, and it is called Jumia One. What is JumiaPay JumiaPay, formerly known as "Jumia one" is a mobile app that brings all Jumia services into a single app. It aims to become a one “stop shop” for all online services in Africa. JumiaPay (Jumia One) promises zero fees on transactions done through its platform and 5% cash back on every data and Airtime transaction. As you may know, Since jumia was first launch in N

Glo Oga Sim | Get Huge Data bonus on All Data Plan

Glo has introduced a new service that gives subscribers 125% bonus on every data plan. This is the Glo oga SIM. Glo subscribers can now enjoy huge data bonus on every data plan. Glo has taken this step in other to boost sales of its SIM, increase the number of subscribers on its network and to bring back lost subscribers to the Glo Network. What Is The Glo Oga SIM The Glo oga SIM is a promo by Glo Nigeria to new customers, that gives you 125% bonus of all data plan purchased. This is a difference of 100% bonus increase to the regular 25% bonus data you normally get when you purchased a data plan. For example, if you are an old customer and buy a N1000 for 1.6GB data plan, you will be given 1.8GB which is a 25% bonus on your data plan. But if you have a GLO oga SIM you will get a whooping 3.6GB for the same amount. This bonus do not just apply to the N1000 data plan, but all existing data plan on Glo. How To Be Eligible For A Glo Oga SIM The easiest way to be eligible for a

WhatsApp Now Lets You Prevent People From Adding You To Groups

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that lets users manage who can add them on WhatsApp group. With this new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to choose one of three options. Which are Nobody, My contacts or Everyone. The Everyone option, which is the default will allow anyone including those that are not in your contact list to add you to WhatsApp group. The my contact option only allows those in your contact list to add you to WhatsApp group. While the nobody option prevents anyone from adding you to a WhatsApp group without your consent. If you have Selected the Nobody option, people can only add you to WhatsApp group by sending a group invite link to you privately. The invite link will only be active within 72hrs, after which it will be deactivated. WhatsApp has taken this step to address privacy issues and to stop the spread of false information which have become a norm on WhatsApp. For instance, BBC reported that during the Brazil election political campaigners used

How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel

Airtel Nigeria is given away free 4GB to customers who buy an Airtel 4G sim. Customers will not only get free 4GB of data but will also enjoy 25% bonus on every data plan purchased that is above N500. According to Airtel, customers will enjoy this offers within the first 3 months of activating their 4G sim. So What Is 4G LTE And Why Should I Get A 4G Sim 4G stands for fourth generation. while the LTE stands for Long Term Evolution . Those who are old enough will remember that the first phones came with 1G and brought voice call along with it. Then 2G came along and brought text messages. 3G offers better speed than 2G and brought video streaming with it.  In other words, each generation of communication brings about new technology. The 4G is a successor of 3G( third generation) and provides faster speed when compared with 3G. This means speed of up to 12 – 15 mbps. The Airtel 4G sim is an Airtel sim card that provides 4G connection. To use the 4G network, you will need a 4G ena