Do This, If You Ever Drop Your Phone In Water

If you have accidentally dropped your phone in water. Then do not panic. Here is a simple method you should follow to get your phone working again

Retrieve Your Phone As Quickly As Possible

If your phone is still in the water where you dropped it. Take it out as quickly as you can.
Because the more time your phone spend in the water, the more damages that can be done to your phone.

Switch Of Your Phone

When you accidentally drop your phone In water the first thing most people instinctively do is to switch on their phone to see if its working. Guess what?... Bad idea. What you want to do is to Switch of your phone as quickly as possible. Don't even use the power button. Just take out the battery. However, If you have a phone with a non removable battery, then you will have to carefully switch it off.

This is because, with water still trapped in the phone, turning it on could cause a short circuit and permanently damage one of the components. Switching off your phone ensures there is no current flowing through the phone while there is still water in your phone. 

Wipe Your Phone With A Clean Towel

Another thing that we generally do, and I am guilty of this too, is to heat the phone up. By placing it close to a heated object. In an attempt to quickly dry off the water. This is not recommended because the heat can damage the electronics in the phone. Just wiping the water off the surface of the phone with a dry towel is more than enough. This way water on the surface of the phone won't slip back in.

Cover Your Phone In A Bowl Of Dry Uncooked Rice For At Least 24 Hours

This is a nice little trick I discovered a long time ago when I first dropped my cell phone in a bucket of water. And trust me, it works really well. A friend of mine as at then, told me to cover the phone with dry uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. I didn't agree at first because I thought it was too silly. It wasn't until I saw the same suggestion online that I decided to give it a try. At that point the phone was still working, but there was still water droplets stuck in the screen. I cover the phone in a bowl of rice and lo and behold the tiny water droplets on the screen were completely gone.

This works because dry uncooked rice is a drying agent and will absorbed all the water from the phone. If you don't want to make use of rice. You can use other drying agent too. Like those tiny bag of silica you get when you buy a new shoe. The idea is to get any drying agent to absorbed the water still left in the phone.

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