These Are What You Should Look Out For When Buying A New Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone can be a challenge. Especially at this time when there are lots of option and brands to choose from. For a lot of people this can get really confusing. In this article I will list the most important things you should consider before buying any smartphone.

The phone battery is one of the most important spec you should look out for when buying a new smartphone. A longer battery life would mean more usage time, which translate to less frequent charging and better usage experience. Especially if you live in a country with  poor power supply then a long battery life should be your priority.

Try getting a smartphone with at least 3000mAh capacity with fast charging compatibility. And also consider getting a power bank for extra juice

Smartphone cameras are becoming better and better with each new release. No doubt the phone camera is an important part of the smartphone. With the explosion of the Internet and social media, images and video sharing are now part of our everyday life. That is why getting a smartphone with a good quality camera is important.

You may be wondering how many MP it takes to capture a good quality picture.              Smartphone manufacturers measure camera in Mega pixel(MP). 1MP is the equivalent of a million pixels. This means a smartphone with 8MP can capture about 8million individual pixels. This pixels are then translated to data, which creates the images you see. There are other factors which can influence the quality of the image but as a general rule, for good quality pictures Get a smartphone with at least 12MP of camera.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. And as the name implies, it is the memory of  your smartphone. The RAM is more like a short term memory because it stores the application that are currently running on your smartphone.

Without the RAM, each time you minimize an app, your phone will forget the state of the app you were running and will start the application from the beginning every time.

If you do a lot of multitasking on your smartphone then getting a smartphone with a Large RAM is recommended. Say about 3GB of RAM but for the average user a minimum of 2GB will suffice.

Most people don't pay enough attention to the device CPU when buying a new smartphone. But the CPU is as important as every other spec on a smartphone.

The CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The more powerful the CPU, the better the performance and more efficiently your smartphone will be able to perform task.

 If you have ever read the specification on a smartphone. You would have seen something like Mediatek quad core 1.3GHz. The quad core part simply means that the device has four Independent CPU on it processing chip. Mediatek is the type of processor and the "1.3GHz" is the speed of each individual CPU. So a 1.3GHz quad core processor will have four individual CPU with 1.3GHz of speed. The higher this number the faster the device CPU. The Tecno Spark 2 is an example of a smartphone with 1.3GHz quad core processor.

When getting a smartphone look for a quad core processor with at least 1.3GHz for light smartphone users and at least an octa core 1.7GHz processor for heavy smartphone users

Screen and Display
The screen is the medium we use to interact with our phone. Smartphone consist almost entirely of screen, which takes up more than 95 percent of the device surface area.

No doubt you must have seen something like 5.5" 720*1280 HD IPS when looking at a phone specs. The IPS is simply the display type. There are different type of display type like LCD, OLED, AMOLED etc. And they all have their advantages and disadvantages. No one type is better than the other.

HD stands for high definition and is sometimes called 720p. It has a resolution of 1280x720. The bigger this number the better the display. You also have to take into consideration the screen size. As a display of 720p on a 5 inch smartphone will have better pictures than a similar display but on a 6 inch smartphone. The Tecno Spark k7 is a perfect example of a smartphone with 1280x720 of resolution.

Now the Device brand is also something you don't want to over look. Before you choose a brand consider if the components are easily available. Will you be able to replace it if any of the part gets damage. I have a good tablet I haven't used for over a year simply because I could not find a replacement screens.


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