Stream Live TV On Your Smartphone With The MTN StarTimes Video Pack

If you have ever streamed live TV on your smartphone, then you know how extremely data consuming this can get. On average, it can take anywhere from 800MB - 1.5GB to stream a single movie. And with the current price of data across the various ISP, this can cost you up to N1000. But all this is about to change with the new MTN StarTimes Video Streaming Pack.

What Is The MTN StarTime Video Streaming Pack

The MTN StarTimes Video Streaming Pack is a time based data plan from MTN Nigeria, that offer customers the ability to stream live cable channels directly on their smartphone with the StarTimes App.

By subscribing to any of the packages, customers will be able to stream their favorite TV channels the same way they would do on a normal television without worrying too much about data.

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How To Subscribe To The MTN StarTimes Video Pack

The MTN StarTimes Video Pack has two data plans you can choose from

  • N150 for 750MB , text ST to 131 to subscribe. This gives you 60mins of streaming time and is valid for 24hrs
  • N400 for 2.25GB, text ST1 to 131 to subscribe. This gives you 3hrs of streaming time and is valid for 24hrs.
Remember that you will need the StarTimes app on your phone to stream StarTimes Channels. Download the StarTimes Streaming app on playstore here

It is important to note that the MTN StarTimes Video streaming pack does not support auto renewal. So you will have to manually renew it each time. You can also subscribe as many times as you want as long as your existing pack has been exhausted.

What do you think about the MTN StarTimes Video Pack. We'd love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment.


  1. I use a third party video player for watching videos. So, I want to know that can I use a external player for wacthing live TV?


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