Recently there have been a lot of noise about The website have become so popular that it is almost impossible to ignore, with members regularly sharing their referral link on our whatsapp group.

Some people have asked me what I think about Joomta. And whether or not the Website is a scam. I have done a review on Joomta, and in this article I will share with you whether is legit or not.

What is Joomta

Joomta is a website that runs a referral program. Joomta claims to pay its members N400 if new members sign up through their referral link. According to members can earn up to N40,000 by referring 100 people.

Is a Scam?

Just by reading through the website, it doesn’t take a genius to see why Joomta is among the hundreds of scam website out there.

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First, the website is being run anonymously. Which is a big red flag. 99.9% of all scam website out there are run by scammers who prefer to hide their identity. And Joomta is no exception.

Another problem with is the way it claims it generates its revenue. claims it generates its revenue by displaying pop ads which are then use to pay its members.

While joomta do generate revenue through ads. It is simply not possible to pay its members the suppose N400 for each referral by displaying pop ads alone. What scam website like Joomta do is to pay some members to encourage them to refers more people. And then disappear when they have gathered enough money for themselves.

For those that might want to give Joomta a try because it doesn't require registration fee. Be aware that you are giving your info, including your bank details to an anonymous scammer who wouldn’t hesitate to sell your information to anyone including other scammers for money.

So ask yourself, is it worth it to put your reputation on the line by referring friends, family and coworkers to a scam website such as Joomta


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