How To Recover and Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Have you ever gotten a message on WhatsApp, only to discover that the message have been deleted before you had the chance to read it. When this happens a lot of us get curious about the content of the message. What if I told you that deleted WhatsApp messages can be recovered. whether it be pictures, videos or text. Reading deleted WhatsApp messages is really simple and can be done by anyone.

How To recover and read deleted messages on WhatsApp

First, run off to playstore and grab notisave. There are lots of apps on the playstore that claim to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, we have found notisave to really work well.

After notisave is successfully installed on your phone. You will need to grant notisave notification access. This is because when ever a user sends you messages on WhatsApp, if you are not currently looking at the chat screen. WhatsApp sends you that message as a notification. Notisave can then save this notification. So if the user deletes the message you will still be able to recover and read the deleted WhatsApp messages through notisave. Notisave not only saves WhatsApp notifications, but can save other apps notification as well. If you will however, like to recover deleted WhatsApp status, pictures and videos then read on.

How To Recover WhatsApp Status Videos and Pictures

WAMR is another great app out there that can recover deleted WhatsApp messages including status, videos and pictures. It a bit similar to notisave and is available on the playstore. We should mention that this app is unreleased as at the time of writing this article. But you can still get it on playstore.

Immediately after installation WAMR automatically saves every message, picture, videos and status you get on WhatsApp so you can recover them if the sender ever delete it.


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