How To Increase Glo Internet Speed

We all know that Glo has the slowest internet Speed in Nigeria. I am yet to meet a Glo customer who haven’t at some point complained about their internet speed, either while browsing or downloading with the Glo network. Even die hard Glo fans will probably agree on this one.

In this article, I will show you how easy it is to increase your Glo internet speed simply by changing the default APN settings on your mobile phone.

This APN will significantly increase your Glo Internet speed, so that you can enjoy browsing and downloading when using your Glo network.

What Is An APN

APN stands for Access Point Name, and it is the settings your mobile carrier uses to connect to the gateway between your carrier and the internet.
Your Smartphone APN is also used to identify the right IP address for your device. And so much more.

You can now see that using the right APN can make this process more efficient and can improve internet speed. Chances are your smartphone already have a default APN. Depending on which telco company you use.

I will share two APN settings you can use to achieve fast internet speed on Glo. The first one will work on both 3G and 4G enabled devices. While the second one will work on 4G enabled device only.

Fast APN To Increase Glo Internet Speed On 3G or 4G Mobile Phones

To achieve this, you will need to navigate to your APN settings.
Goto Settings > more > mobile network > Access Point Name.
I am making use of Android nougat, so depending on which android version you are running your settings might be slightly different from mine.

If you haven’t changed your default APN settings on Glo before, then your APN should be on gloflat. Erase the gloflat and input click okay and save. After doing this you should notice a slight increase in internet speed on Glo.

Fast APN Settings To Increase Glo Internet Speed On 4G Devices

Just follow the same process as discussed above to get to your device APN.
Now on the Glo APN settings Navigate to bear(unspecified) and tick this networks. LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA,HSD PA. Save and you should notice a boost in internet speed while browsing with your Glo line.

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