How To Get Hammer VPN Premium Account And Browse Unlimitedly

Apart from the http injector MTN 0.0k that was recently blocked, the next best free browsing cheat is the MTN hammer VPN free browsing. In this article I will show you how you can get a hammer VPN premium Account. If you prefer to bypassed the Hammer VPN daily limit then read how to bypass hammer VPN daily Limit 

Why You Should Get a Hammer VPN Premium Account

  • You don't have to bypassed the restrictions placed by tunnelguru. 
  • You don't have to worry about exhausting your daily limit
  • You will get fast internet connection

How To get Hammer VPN Premium Account

You can either buy directly from tunnelguru at, or you can purchase from a reseller.
If you are getting the hammer VPN premium account from a reseller. Then you should be careful as there are dishonest people on the Internet. I recommend buying directly from tunnelguru. But if for some reason, you can't do that. Then you can try buying from a reseller.

The hammer VPN premium account has about three plan: basic, unlimited and deluxe. The unlimited is the most popular and I highly recommend it. With the unlimited plan you will get unlimited bandwidth, fast internet speed, with no daily limit.

The hammer VPN Premium Account cost $4.25 at as at the time of writting this article. This is about N1530 Nigerian naira. Using the current exchange rate of N360 per dollar.

If you are getting the premium account because of the MTN Free Browsing via hammer VPN then I should mention that hammer VPN is just a tool. So the disadvantage would be that, suppose you buy the premium account today and the cheat gets blocked tomorrow then you will be at a loss. Apart from that, in my opinion the hammer VPN premium account is totally worth it.

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So what do you think, do you prefer to get a premium account or you rather stick with the free servers.


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