9mobile is among the fastest network in Nigeria when it comes to internet speed. But they are also one of the most expensive in terms of data subscription. If you check a list of their monthly plan. You will see that 2.5GB cost N2000. This means you will need N8000 to get 10GB. But today I will show you how you can get the same 10GB on 9mobile for just N2000.

If you can still remember back in 2017 9mobile introduced the Ramadan Special offer. Which gives you 1GB for N200 with 3 days validity. This data plan was so successful that 9mobile had to incorporate it into their existing data plans. That is why you can still subscribe to the 9mobile 1GB for N200 to this day. The best part about this plan is that you can resubscribe for as long as you want.

Updated: 9mobile have modified the 1GB for N200 overtime and this article have be updated to include the latest information. Users can now only subscribe to the data plan on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays. read on to see the changes made to this plan and how to subscribe.

The 9mobile 1GB for N200 is a special data plan by 9mobile. As already stated, users will get 1GB for just N200 when they subscribe to this plan. This data plan was initially introduced as a Ramadan special offer. As more and more people subscribe to the plan, 9mobile saw the need to make it part of there normal data plan. Users where able to get 10GB for N2000 for a month. But overtime, the plan was then restricted to just weekends only.

How To Subscribe To 9mobile 1GB For N200

  1.  Recharge your line with a minimum of N200
  2. Dial *929*10# to subscribe
  3. Dial *228# to check your data balance

This special data plan is valid for 3 days. User can only subscribe to this plan on weekends like Saturday and Sunday.


  1. This plan is not available to you

    1. If your sim isn't eligible. Try subscribing on weekends. Between Friday and Sunday.


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