How To Browse Any Website Using The MTN YouTube Streaming Cheat

As you all know the MTN YouTube plan lets you Stream YouTube videos on Your Smartphone. In this article, I will show you how you can use the same MTN YouTube Plan to Browse Other websites Just as you would do when you purchase a normal data plan on MTN.

We will achieve this by using a VPN. This VPN will make it difficult for your ISP to be able to tell what website you are currently using. Thereby granting you access to restricted websites. If you don’t know how to activate this plan, you can read about how to subscribe to the MTN YouTube Plan.

So how exactly does a VPN work, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It works by routing your connection through a VPN server and creating a secure tunnel between your computer, or in this case your smartphone and a VPN server. This means that your connections are encrypted and No agency including your ISP will be able to tell what website you are using.

The MTN time base YouTube cheat works using the same principle. We are going to be making use of the Samsung Max VPN. Download it here.

How To Set Up The MTN Time Base YouTube Browsing Cheat

Download and install Samsung Max VPN here
Subscribe to the MTN YouTube Streaming Pack.
Run the VPN and turn on the privacy protection.
turn on your data and browse which ever website you like.

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