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Glo Has Cancelled The 1.2GB For N200, See Other Alternatives To This Plan

Glo has just cancelled its 1.2GB for N200 data plan. The Glo 1.2GB is a special data plan by Glo which gives its subscribers 1.2GB for just N200, which is valid for 3 days. So far, this move by Globalcom  has attracted a lot of criticism from its subscribers. Most especially the youths who stormed their twitter page demanding to know why the Glo 1.2GB for N200 was cancelled. Update: Glo have now modified this plan and tagged it Glo daily data splash and it is now N300 for 1GB Glo Nigeria later replied saying the decision to stop the 1.2GB for N200 was taken by its management and the reason behind this was not yet disclosed. Glo through its twitter handle further revealed that its management are working on a better data offer and will make available to subscribers when it is ready. What Does All This Mean For Glo In my opinion, stopping the 1.2GB for N200 by Glo was a wrong moved by the Telecom company. Considering the fact that they have one of the slowest and most unreliable

6 Creative Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Smartphone

So you got yourself a new smartphone? Awesome. But what about the old one? What do you do with it? In stead of just having it sit somewhere doing nothing, here are some useful stuff you can do with your old smartphone. Use It As A Security Camera If you have an old smartphone lying around doing nothing. You could use it for your safety by  turning it into a surveillance camera. There is an app on the play Store called IP Webcam that lets you do this. To set up IP webcam on your smartphone, all you need to do is to download the app. Start IP webcam and choose your preferred resolution from the preferences. Then click on start Server. You will also have  the option to set up the server for local broadcasting or cloud streaming which lets you access your device camera from anywhere through any web browser. Use It As A Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Hotpot can be more convenient than tethering because of the ability to connect wirelessly. Instead of tethering which usually needs a USB ca

How To Browse Any Website Using The MTN YouTube Streaming Cheat

As you all know the MTN YouTube plan lets you Stream YouTube videos on Your Smartphone. In this article, I will show you how you can use the same MTN YouTube Plan to Browse Other websites Just as you would do when you purchase a normal data plan on MTN. We will achieve this by using a VPN. This VPN will make it difficult for your ISP to be able to tell what website you are currently using. Thereby granting you access to restricted websites. If you don’t know how to activate this plan, you can read about how to subscribe to the MTN YouTube Plan . So how exactly does a VPN work, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It works by routing your connection through a VPN server and creating a secure tunnel between your computer, or in this case your smartphone and a VPN server. This means that your connections are encrypted and No agency including your ISP will be able to tell what website you are using. The MTN time base YouTube cheat works using the same principle. We are going to

How To Subscribe To The MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack

Last time I talked about the Mtn Startimes video Pack that lets you stream cable TV on your smartphone. Today I will introduce you to the MTN YouTube Streaming Pack which is designed specifically for watching YouTube videos on MTN. The MTN YouTube streaming pack is a timely base data plan package from MTN that lets you stream YouTube videos. If you watch YouTube videos on your smart phone a lot, then this time based data plan might just be the right option for you. How To Subscribe To The MTN YouTube Streaming Pack The MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack consist of 3 individual data plan. The 1 hr stream which cost N150, and has a validity of 24hrs. To subscribe text VP1 to 131 The 3 hrs stream which cost N400, and is valid for 24 hrs. To subscribe text VP3 to 131 The YouTube Night pack which cost N50. And only works from 12am to 5am and has 24hrs validity. Text VP5 to 131 to subscribe. Some Of The Things You Should Consider Before Subscribing To The MTN YouTube Video Stream

How To Increase Glo Internet Speed

We all know that Glo has the slowest internet Speed in Nigeria. I am yet to meet a Glo customer who haven’t at some point complained about their internet speed, either while browsing or downloading with the Glo network. Even die hard Glo fans will probably agree on this one. In this article, I will show you how easy it is to increase your Glo internet speed simply by changing the default APN settings on your mobile phone. This APN will significantly increase your Glo Internet speed, so that you can enjoy browsing and downloading when using your Glo network. What Is An APN APN stands for Access Point Name, and it is the settings your mobile carrier uses to connect to the gateway between your carrier and the internet. Your Smartphone APN is also used to identify the right IP address for your device. And so much more. You can now see that using the right APN can make this process more efficient and can improve internet speed. Chances are your smartphone already have a default A

Stream Live TV On Your Smartphone With The MTN StarTimes Video Pack

If you have ever streamed live TV on your smartphone, then you know how extremely data consuming this can get. On average, it can take anywhere from 800MB - 1.5GB to stream a single movie. And with the current price of data across the various ISP, this can cost you up to N1000. But all this is about to change with the new MTN StarTimes Video Streaming Pack. What Is The MTN StarTime Video Streaming Pack The MTN StarTimes Video Streaming Pack is a time based data plan from MTN Nigeria, that offer customers the ability to stream live cable channels directly on their smartphone with the StarTimes App . By subscribing to any of the packages, customers will be able to stream their favorite TV channels the same way they would do on a normal television without worrying too much about data. See Also: How To Get 1.2GB For N200 On Glo How To Subscribe To The MTN StarTimes Video Pack The MTN StarTimes Video Pack has two data plans you can choose from N150 for 750MB , text ST to 131

9mobile kwikcash - How To Get Instant Loan In Nigeria

In the past, you'd need to physically visit the bank to get a loan. But not anymore. There are now lots of loan services in Nigeria . One is these is the 9mobile Kwikcash Loan. 9mobile has said its customers can now access instant loans without collateral through kwikcash. According to 9mobile, customers can get up to N100,000 (0ne hundred thousand naira) loan deposited into their bank account within minutes. No paperwork is necessary as the system is automated. What is kwikcash And How Does It Work Kwikcash is an automated loan service that provides fast loans without collateral to Nigerians. When you first apply for a loan, kwikcash will analyze your data through its partner. In this, 9mobile, to determine if you qualify for a loan and how much loan to offer you. The more you are able to pay back the loan, the more the system trust you, and the greater the amount of loan you will be able to get in the future. The amount usually starts small and increases over time.

These Are What You Should Look Out For When Buying A New Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone can be a challenge. Especially at this time when there are lots of option and brands to choose from. For a lot of people this can get really confusing. In this article I will list the most important things you should consider before buying any smartphone. Battery The phone battery is one of the most important spec you should look out for when buying a new smartphone. A longer battery life would mean more usage time, which translate to less frequent charging and better usage experience. Especially if you live in a country with  poor power supply then a long battery life should be your priority. Try getting a smartphone with at least 3000mAh capacity with fast charging compatibility. And also consider getting a power bank for extra juice Cameras Smartphone cameras are becoming better and better with each new release. No doubt the phone camera is an important part of the smartphone. With the explosion of the Internet and social media, images and video shar

9mobile Introduces Free WhatsApp Chat Offer

9mobile is offering free WhatsApp chat to their customers. Customers will be able to chat on WhatsApp for free, as well as share pictures and videos using their 9mobile sim at no additional cost. Who is Eligible For The 9mobile Free WhatsApp Chat Anyone with a 9mobile Nigerian sim can enjoy this free offer by 9mobile. Customers have to purchase any of the 9mobile existing data plan to be eligible to chat for free on WhatsApp. How Do I Activate The 9mobile Free WhatsApp Chat To activate or subscribe to the 9mobile Free WhatsApp Chat. Buy any of the existing 9mobile data bundle by dialing *200*3*1#. Once activated, A certain amount of data will be allocated to you which is meant for chatting on WhatsApp only. Whenever you use WhatsApp, you will automatically be switched to the free WhatsApp chat and your main data will not be deducted. The volume of WhatsApp data will depend on the volume of data purchased. For example, you can expect to get more WhatsApp data on a monthly dat

How To Activate Glo 1.2GB For N200

Glo has been referred to as the Grandmaster of data  and they didn't get that slogan for nothing. Although we have recently seen a boom in the number of affordable data plan provided by different Internet Service providers. Glo is by far the cheapest and the most affordable. Update: the Glo N200 For 1.2GB have been cancelled. 9mobile was the first to roll out the 1GB for N200 way back in 2017. Then Airtel followed suit by introducing the 1GB for N350. But Glo was able to beat them both to the punch, by rolling out a whopping 1.2GB for N200. Although MTN has a similar data plan of 1GB for N200 . The eligibility requirement is just ridiculous, as your MTN sim needs to be dormant for at least a month for you to be able to subscribe to this plan. See Also:    How To Get 9mobile 10GB for N2000 valid for 30 days Unlike MTN, anyone and everyone can subscribe to the Glo 1.2GB for N200. As long as you have a Glo sim, you will be able to enjoy this mouth watering offer. The proble

Latest Stark VPN Custom Settings For MTN

You can now use the MTN 0.0k with the help of Stark VPN. I have already shared the settings for tweakware . Since the http injector, KPNTunnel Rev, Spark VPN, AnonyTun VPN, XP Psiphon MTN Settings etc. Have all been disconnected. Until we find a better alternative. We can still manage the Stark VPN Custom settings and Tweakware MTN free browsing Cheat. To use the Stark VPN Custom settings for MTN free browsing Cheat, you don't need airtime or an active data subscription. With zero balance on your phone you will be able to browse the internet for free. See Also:  AnonyTun Free Browsing Settings For MTN Ghana Unlike the recently disconnected http injector and the rest. You don't have to constantly update your config files. Since we will be using the stark VPN custom settings. The Stark VPN also have fewer ads and connects almost immediately. Requirements For Setting Up Stark VPN These are the minimum requirements you need to get the stark VPN to connect. An Android

How To Get Hammer VPN Premium Account And Browse Unlimitedly

Apart from the http injector MTN 0.0k that was recently blocked, the next best free browsing cheat is the MTN hammer VPN free browsing . In this article I will show you how you can get a hammer VPN premium Account. If you prefer to bypassed the Hammer VPN daily limit then read how to bypass hammer VPN daily Limit  Why You Should Get a Hammer VPN Premium Account You don't have to bypassed the restrictions placed by tunnelguru.  You don't have to worry about exhausting your daily limit You will get fast internet connection How To get Hammer VPN Premium Account You can either buy directly from tunnelguru at, or you can purchase from a reseller. If you are getting the hammer VPN premium account from a reseller. Then you should be careful as there are dishonest people on the Internet. I recommend buying directly from tunnelguru. But if for some reason, you can't do that. Then you can try buying from a reseller. The hammer VPN premium acc

How To Get 1GB for N200, 4GB For N1000 or 250MB For N100 On MTN

MTN Nigeria has introduce the MTN Welcome back offer. This welcome back offer gives customers the opportunity to get 4GB for N1000(1000 naira), 1GB for N200(200 naira) or 250MB for N100(100 naira) . This data plan is not for every customer, and you will have to be eligible to enjoy this mouth watering data plan from MTN. The welcome back offer is part of MTN strategy to bring back lost customers to the MTN network. You maybe wondering what are the eligibility requirements for the MTN 4GB for N1000, 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100 data plan. Well, I did speak with an MTN customer care agent and this was what I was told. How To Become Eligible For The MTN 4GB for N1000, 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100 According to the MTN customers care agent, your MTN sim must not have recorded any rechargeable transaction for at least 30 to 180 days for you to be eligible for this offer. This means that if you haven't used your MTN sim for at least 30 days then you are qualified to enjoy t

How To Recover and Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Have you ever gotten a message on WhatsApp, only to discover that the message have been deleted before you had the chance to read it. When this happens a lot of us get curious about the content of the message. What if I told you that deleted WhatsApp messages can be recovered . whether it be pictures, videos or text. Reading deleted WhatsApp messages is really simple and can be done by anyone. How To recover and read deleted messages on WhatsApp First, run off to playstore and grab notisave . There are lots of apps on the playstore that claim to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, we have found notisave to really work well. After notisave is successfully installed on your phone. You will need to grant notisave notification access. This is because when ever a user sends you messages on WhatsApp, if you are not currently looking at the chat screen. WhatsApp sends you that message as a notification. Notisave can then save this notification. So if the user deletes the message you

How To Browse Any Website For Free On 9mobile, MTN and Airtel Using Freebasics

I hope you are all enjoying the Hammer VPN and Tweakware browsing cheat I dropped here earlier. Today I will show you how you can browse any website for free using freebasics. What You Need To Set This Up You can use any of the ISP that supports freebasics. Like MTN,Airtel or 9mobile An Android phone. How To Set Up Freebasics To Browse Free on Any Website First open your browser and go to  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on add more free services. Now search for Epage in the search box. Click on the Epage website and you will see some thing like proxy #1, proxy #2 Select any of the proxy and enter any website URL e.g and click go. Now wait for it... Tadaa! can now browse that website for free.  Join our  WhatsApp group   and Telegram group  for latest free browsing cheat Note: Since freebasics doesn't support JavaScript and images you may not see images on some website.

Tweakware Settings | Config file | Apk

A lot of folks experience connection issues yesterday with the http injector. So we have decided to drop this Tweakware config file as well as custom settings so users can continue to browse free with their SIM. This Tweakware free browsing cheat is kind of similar to the MTN 0.0k but with some few adjustment here and there. And Also, instead of http injector, we will be making use of Tweakware. In this article, I have shared the Tweakware custom settings, as well as the config file and apk download link. I have also shared how you can create your own config file. So depending on what you are looking for, you can scroll down to that particular section. Update : It is no longer necessary for you to create a tweakware config file or custom settings. The new update have the settings hard coded into the app. So all you really want to do is to download the latest version here . And just select your preferred cheat by clicking on the button under the server. For example, if you want to b

How To Get Free 500MB On MTN Using The MyMTN App

MTN users can now get 500MB for free on their sim. This offer is official from MTN and the good news is that all MTN subscribers are eligible for this offer. How To Get Free MTN 500MB On Your Sim MTN has been advertising their mobile app for a while now. So in order to get users to use the app, which is called MyMTN. The Telecom company have been given out free 500MB as a reward to customers for downloading the MyMTN app. If you haven't gotten your free 500MB yet then follow this step to get yours. Go to play store and download the MyMTN app After opening the app enter your MTN mobile number in the box provided and click proceed. You will then get an OTP code as a text message on you line. Enter the OTP code in the box and click verify At this point you have successfully registered on the MyMTN app. Now click on the image that says " crack the egg to get an offer " and you will immediately be given free 500MB. Which is valid for 3 days. Th

Get 1GB for N200 On 9mobile

If you can still remember back in 2017, 9mobile introduced the Ramadan Special offer. Which gives you 1GB for N200 with 3 days validity. This data plan was so successful that 9mobile had to incorporate it into their existing data plans. That is why you can still subscribe to the 9mobile 1GB for N200  to this day. The best part about this plan is that you can subscribe for as long as you want. Updated : 9mobile have modified the 1GB for N200 overtime and this article have be updated to include the latest information. Users can now only subscribe to the data plan on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays. read on to see the changes made to this plan and how to subscribe. The 9mobile 1GB for N200 is a special data plan by 9mobile. As already stated, users will get 1GB for just N200 when they subscribe to this plan. This data plan was initially introduced as a Ramadan special offer. As more and more people subscribe to the plan, 9mobile saw the need to make it part of there normal data pl

Do This, If You Ever Drop Your Phone In Water

If you have accidentally dropped your phone in water. Then do not panic. Here is a simple method you should follow to get your phone working again Retrieve Your Phone As Quickly As Possible If your phone is still in the water where you dropped it. Take it out as quickly as you can. Because the more time your phone spend in the water, the more damages that can be done to your phone. Switch Of Your Phone When you accidentally drop your phone In water the first thing most people instinctively do is to switch on their phone to see if its working. Guess what?... Bad idea. What you want to do is to Switch of your phone as quickly as possible. Don't even use the power button. Just take out the battery. However, If you have a phone with a non removable battery, then you will have to carefully switch it off. This is because, with water still trapped in the phone, turning it on could cause a short circuit and permanently damage one of the components. Switching off your phone

Http Injector Settings | Config file | Apk

I am going to share with you how you can browse for free on your MTN sim via Http injector. I will also show you how to create your very own http injector config file. I have also provided the settings as well as the config file for download. This cheat is similar to the MTN mpulse cheat. But unlike the MTN mpulse cheat, it works without any credit or data subscription on your sim. If you have been searching for "Latest free browsing cheat, How to browse free on MTN, How to create http injector configuration file. or Http injector 0.0k cheat. Then you have come to the right place. Requirements  for the MTN 0.0k Free Browsing cheat with Http Injector An Android phone MTN sim with no active subscription Http injector app download it here Http injector config file , download it here Http injector settings for MTN free browsing cheat First launch your http injector, if you haven't yet downloaded it click here to download Click the three dots at the to