How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Have you ever accidentally deleted a picture on your smartphone and instantly regretted it? most people feel helpless when this happens since smartphones don't have recycle bin like computer. What if I told you that your picture isn't actually gone and it is possible to recover deleted pictures on your smartphone. All you need is the right tool and your deleted pictures will be right back on your phone. The only thing you should remember right now is to not save any thing on your sdcard or smartphone. This will help imcrease your chance of getting your pictures back.

First, go to the Play Store and install DiskDigger photo recovery, and run the app. This app has a nice reputation when it comes to recovering deleted photos on smartphones.

Install DiskDigger photos recovery

It is important you don't install or save anymore files on your phone once you install the app. Like I said earlier. This is going to increase your chances of recovering your photos. When you delete a file, it is not completely erased from your device, rather only the file's address is deleted. So It still exists on the device’s internal memory, allowing you or someone else to recover the files using the right tool.

Devices do this to increase speed and efficiency.  Think about it, which is more time consuming? Overwriting an entire file or just removing its address. Possibly the later. Because of this, photos or any other file for that matter isn't actually deleted. Unless they are overwritten.

DiskDigger requires root to recover full resolution photos. If your phone isn't rooted then you can only recover low quality images.

If your photos were deleted recently then it will be easy for DiskDigger to recover your photos. And you get the option to restore them to your phone internal storage or back them up to the cloud.


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