Hammer VPN Premium Account Not connecting? Here is a Solution

If you paid for premium servers on hammer VPN and it hasn't been connecting, here is a solution. Tunnel guru recently disconnected some user from there premium servers due to country restrictions. But fear not, we have a working solution to get you connected to your Premium hammer VPN Account. So you can browse and stream unlimitedly. Please note that this solution is only for those who have purchased premium server through tunnel guru. If you are a free user, you can still check how to by-pass hammer VPN daily limit.

Download Hammer VPN 2.1.7
This version comes with canada premium server

 Go to Phone’s settings and scroll down to “Developer Options” and enable it. Find the option that says “DON’T KEEP ACTIVITIES” and activate it.
Note: If  you can't find “Developer option” just click on “ABOUT PHONE” and tap on “BUILD NUMBER” 7 times, to enable developer options. Now Head back and follow the 2 steps above.

 Launch your Hammer VPN app and select servers, you’ll see PREMIUM CANADA SG 8 from the options of the server. Only Hammer VPN 2.1.7 because is the app version that has access to the Canada server

Input your valid PREMIUM USERNAME and PASSWORD. On the Report, input 8080 as port and on the Lport, insert 8080 as Port. And leave UDP.

Click “CONNECT” monitor the app, once it says authenticating, minimize the app,  and don’t return back to it again, it will connect..

Once connected,. open your browsers and browse unlimitedly with your hammer VPN,

To disconnect simple return back to the hammer app,

Repeat this trick any time you want to connect


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