Hammer VPN Free Browsing Trick For MTN

I have been testing the hammer VPN mtn Free browsing cheat and I must say I am really impressed. This cheat works without any credit and mobile subscription on your phone. And it is really fast to connect. I am going to share with you how you can set up this MTN hammer VPN free browsing cheat on your phone.

What you will need
1. An Android phone
2. Hammer VPN apk (download it here )
3.An MTN sim with 0.00k (that is an mtn sim with no credit in it.)

How to set up Hammer VPN
1. Open your hammer VPN and in the username box type CCnaija
2. leave the password as it is and do not change it.
3. Leave the server for now. we will come back to it later.
4. type in  8080 for the first box(Report) and 9201 for the second box(Lport).
5. For the last option select UDP.

Now for the server. First check if you can find free sever 45 or 46(not premium). If you can't find it. Just turn on airplane mode and then turn it back off. Now Close the app before the network comes on and then reopen it. You should then see these servers.

 Now connect to any of the german servers(one with German flag)  that wasn't there before. Or you can just connect to either free server 45 or 46.

Here is a summary of all the settings along with screenshots
Username: CCnaija
• Password: leave it as default (do not edit it)
• Server: Choose any of the recommended servers
   Rport 8080
   Lport 9201

And that's it. connect and start browsing.


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