Common Questions And Mistakes Users Make When Settings Up The Hammer VPN Free Browsing

Some users are still unable to get the Hammer VPN to work. And I do get a lot of questions about this cheat. Here is a compilation of some mistake you might make when setting up this VPN and some frequently asked questions. After reading this setting up your VPN should be as easy as breeze.

My hammer VPN isn't working

If your hammer VPN isn't working the most likely reason would be that the settings are not correct.  please double check your settings to make sure they are correct. This shouldn't be too hard as the settings are pretty straight forward.

I have all the right settings but my VPN doesn't connect

If you have checked your settings and they are correct, then always connect to any of this servers
free server 1, Free server 2 or Free server 3. As they are the most likely to browse.

I can't find any of the servers you listed on my VPN

Please pay attention to this one because it is very important, If after downloading the app, you set it up and try to select a server. its most likely all the server you will see won't work, and even if they do connect it won't browse. To avoid too much stress always look for either free server 1,2 or 3. If you can't see them do this.

- Close the app and then reopen it.

- While in the app, turn on airplane mode and wait for like 10-15 seconds.( this should be done while in the Hammer VPN app)

-Then turn off airplane mode. Wait for service on your phone to come up, then try selecting a server. At this point you should see either of the three servers I recommended Select one that works and connect.
If you still can't see the new servers just repeat the step. It shouldn't take for them to show up

If I have money or data on my phone will it be deducted

We always recommended using a sim card with no active subscription or airtime on it. But if you have airtime on your phone it won't be deducted. We cannot guaranteed data balance because if you set up the app incorrectly, your data will be deducted. Since it is a VPN app.


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