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Hammer VPN Premium Account Not connecting? Here is a Solution

If you paid for premium servers on hammer VPN and it hasn't been connecting, here is a solution. Tunnel guru recently disconnected some user from there premium servers due to country restrictions. But fear not, we have a working solution to get you connected to your Premium hammer VPN Account. So you can browse and stream unlimitedly. Please note that this solution is only for those who have purchased premium server through tunnel guru. If you are a free user, you can still check how to by-pass hammer VPN daily limit. Download Hammer VPN 2.1.7 This version comes with canada premium server  Go to Phone’s settings and scroll down to “Developer Options” and enable it. Find the option that says “DON’T KEEP ACTIVITIES” and activate it. Note: If  you can't find “Developer option” just click on “ABOUT PHONE” and tap on “BUILD NUMBER” 7 times, to enable developer options. Now Head back and follow the 2 steps above.  Launch your Hammer VPN app and select servers, you’ll see P

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Have you ever accidentally deleted a picture on your smartphone and instantly regretted it? most people feel helpless when this happens since smartphones don't have recycle bin like computer. What if I told you that your picture isn't actually gone and it is possible to recover deleted pictures on your smartphone. All you need is the right tool and your deleted pictures will be right back on your phone. The only thing you should remember right now is to not save any thing on your sdcard or smartphone. This will help imcrease your chance of getting your pictures back. First, go to the Play Store and install DiskDigger photo recovery , and run the app. This app has a nice reputation when it comes to recovering deleted photos on smartphones. Install DiskDigger photos recovery It is important you don't install or save anymore files on your phone once you install the app. Like I said earlier. This is going to increase your chances of recovering your photos. When you dele

Common Questions And Mistakes Users Make When Settings Up The Hammer VPN Free Browsing

Some users are still unable to get the Hammer VPN to work. And I do get a lot of questions about this cheat. Here is a compilation of some mistake you might make when setting up this VPN and some frequently asked questions. After reading this setting up your VPN should be as easy as breeze. My hammer VPN isn't working If your hammer VPN isn't working the most likely reason would be that the settings are not correct.  please double check your settings to make sure they are correct. This shouldn't be too hard as the settings are pretty straight forward. I have all the right settings but my VPN doesn't connect If you have checked your settings and they are correct, then always connect to any of this servers free server 1, Free server 2 or Free server 3. As they are the most likely to browse. I can't find any of the servers you listed on my VPN Please pay attention to this one because it is very important, If after downloading the app, you set it up and try

How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit

We have been getting a lot of complain about the Hammer VPN daily limit. Personally, I think it is too small. That is why we have come up with this simple trick to bypass the daily limit placed on the app. If you are not aware of the Hammer VPN Free browsing Trick click here to read all about it . The only requirement for this trick is: Es file explorer. How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit First force stop your hammer VPN then open es file explorer and click on the menu located at the top-left corner of your screen. Now scroll down and turn on "Show Hidden files". After doing that close the menu and click on internal storage. There you will find a folder named " Android" open this folder and you will see a file named  ".playstor.srf.h" Open this file and you will find a number that looks like "22-75318333". The first two numbers are today's date, since today is the 22. The trick is to change this number to tomorrows da

How To Check Account Balance On GLO, 9mobile, Airtel And MTN

Most of us find it difficult to remember USSD code for checking account balances.  Probably because of the too many USSD code out there from different Telecom companies. In this post I have taken the trouble to write down all the codes for checking account balances in MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel. If you are looking for how to check account balance on MTN , how to check account balance on Glo,  how to check account balance on 9mobile, or how to check account balance on Airtel. Then you came to the right place. Below are the USSD codes for checking account balance on MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel network. CODE TO CHECK ACCOUNT BALANCE ON MTN To check your airtime balance on MTN Simply Dial *556# CODE TO  CHECK ACCOUNT BALANCE ON GLO To check your airtime balance on Glo Simply Dial #124*1# for airtime balance on Glo CODE TO CHECK  9MOBILE  ACCOUNT BALANCE To check your airtime balance on 9mobile Dial *232# CODE TO CHECK AIRTEL   ACCOUNT BALANCE 

Hammer VPN Free Browsing Trick For MTN

I have been testing the hammer VPN mtn Free browsing cheat and I must say I am really impressed. This cheat works without any credit and mobile subscription on your phone. And it is really fast to connect. I am going to share with you how you can set up this MTN hammer VPN free browsing cheat on your phone. What you will need 1. An Android phone 2. Hammer VPN apk (download it here ) 3.An MTN sim with 0.00k (that is an mtn sim with no credit in it.) How to set up Hammer VPN 1. Open your hammer VPN and in the username box type CCnaija 2 . leave the password as it is and do not change it. 3. Leave the server for now. we will come back to it later. 4. type in  8080 for the first box(Report) and 9201 for the second box(Lport). 5. For the last option select UDP. Now for the server. First check if you can find free sever 45 or 46(not premium). If you can't find it. Just turn on airplane mode and then turn it back off. Now Close the app before the network comes on