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These Are What You Should Look Out For When Buying A New Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone can be a challenge. Especially at this time when there are lots of option and brands to choose from. For a lot of people this can get really confusing. In this article I will list the most important things you should consider before buying any smartphone. Battery The phone battery is one of the most important spec you should look out for when buying a new smartphone. A longer battery life would mean more usage time, which translate to less frequent charging and better usage experience. Especially if you live in a country with  poor power supply then a long battery life should be your priority. Try getting a smartphone with at least 3000mAh capacity with fast charging compatibility. And also consider getting a power bank for extra juice Cameras Smartphone cameras are becoming better and better with each new release. No doubt the phone camera is an important part of the smartphone. With the explosion of the Internet and social media, images and video shar

How To Unblock Your URL on Facebook

Finding out your website URL has been blocked by Facebook can be jarring. Users usually do not get any warning since blocking a URL on Facebook is usually done by a bot that uses AI to make a decision. While these bots do a pretty good job, they are not perfect and can sometimes ban a URL wrongly. Facebook is aware that a website can be blocked by mistake, that is why they have provided a way for users who think their URL was blocked by mistake to unblock them, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about in this article. We will also discuss why a website is blocked on Facebook. And how you can prevent your website URL from being blocked. Why Your Website URL Was Blocked By Facebook First, let us look at the reason your website or blog URL was blocked by Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. To keep its users safe, It has strict rules on what users can share or cannot share on its website. Since staff alone cannot review every link

Best Android Keyboard For Different Users

If you are looking for the best Android keyboard for your specific need, then you have come to the right place. There are different types of third-party keyboards available for Android users to choose from. While some users might want a more secure keyboard. Since these keyboards are used for entering passwords, to credit card numbers. Others might want a keyboard that will allow them to type faster, or maybe a keyboard with a beautiful design. Whatever your specific need might be, our list of the best android keyboard has got you covered. I have shared 5 of the best Android keyboard. For better typing, Speed,  Security. Design etc. GBoard Gboard  is Google's official keyboard. It is one of the top Android keyboard available today. It is fast and has a simple design. This is the reason it is so much liked by a lot of users. Gboard is a good choice for general everyday use. Gboard does not have a wide range of themes to choose from like other android keyboards.  Its fe

How to Make Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria

.When bitcoin was first created in 2008, it was almost worth nothing. Then in 2010 1BTC (bitcoin) was approximately N1 ($0.003). If you had bought just N500 worth of  bitcoin as at then, no doubt you would have been a millionaire by now. Since 1BTC is now equivalent to N2,936,772 as at the time of writing. In this article, I will talk about the many ways you can make money with cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Most especially with bitcoin. But first, lets briefly look at a little bit of crypto (cryptocurrency) history. What Exactly Is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptography method to secure its payment. In other words, it is a digital currency and to ensure that transaction are secured, a cryptography method is used. Some people use cryptocurrency and bitcoin interchangeably but they are actually not the same thing. Cryptocurrency include all digital currencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. While bitcoin itself is a form of Cryptocurrency.

MTN Free 30GB MIFI Cheat

You can now get free 30GB data from MTN with this free browsing cheat. I like to call it the "MTN 30GB MIFI Cheat". And it works 100% if you follow the procedure for activating it As some of you may already know, MTN gives its customers free 30GB if they purchase its MIFI device. This means if you buy a new MTN MIFI, you will be given 30GB for free. But you can still get this free data without actually buying the MIFI device, which I will show you in this post. There is something called IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is unique for every device and is used for identification. The MTN MiFI also has its own unique IMEI which has already been recorded by MTN. So when a customer buys the MTN MIFI, the IMEi is detected, and compared with those in their system, if it matches, you will get the free 30GB data. Now, this cheat involves changing your device IMEI so it matches any of the MTN MIFI IMEI so that you will get the free data. Ho

EC Tunnel VPN | Settings | APK

Ec Tunnel VPN is an android app for browsing anonymously, bypassing blocked websites, and hiding your IP and location. Although it provides all these benefits, it was primarily designed for free browsing tricks and cheats. It is affiliated to the website Entclassblog, hence the name "EC". How EC Tunnel VPN Works What I love about this app is the fact that you can connect to most of the available free browsing cheats in your country with just a click of a button. Whenever there is a free browsing setting available, the developers update the app with those settings. So, as a user, all you have to do is to pick the right settings and connect. So basically, it does the hard work for you so you don't have to. EC Tunnel VPN Download EC Tunnel VPN can be downloaded here . I realize that some people cannot access the play store for some reason, so I have provided an alternative link where you can download this app. Download the EC Tunnel VPN here, for those who can't

Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies In Africa

Africans is the world's second-most populous  and second-largest continent after Asia. During the time when most of Africa was ruled by some European countries. The Europeans introduced their own currency that was used on the continent. When several African countries began to gain independence during the 20th century, the independent nations in Africa began introducing their own currencies controlled by the central bank of that nation. Today, with the high rate of inflation in the continent, several currencies have maintained relative stability while others have plummeted. Top 10 Most Strongest Currencies In Africa These are the 10 most valuable currencies in Africa and their exchange rate against the US dollars. 10. South African Rand (ZAR) The rand is the currency of South Africa, it has the code ZAR and is subdivided into 100 cents. It is often represented with the symbol "R" but is written as rand in English. The rand was a legal tender in Botswana before

Code To Transfer Data On 9mobile

9mobile subscribers who wish to transfer data to another 9mobile number can now do so with a simple USSD code. All 9mobile subscriber can transfer data to any other 9mobile number without restriction. The only requirement being that you actually have the volume of data that you wish to transfer. How To Transfer Data On 9mobile The USSD code to transfer data on 9mobile is *299*PIN*DataVolume*RecipientNumbers#.  Where  is your data transfer PIN. If you haven't set a transfer PIN before, then the default PIN should be 0000. You can always change the default PIN later. The reason for entering a PIN is to avoid unauthorized transfer of your data. If you have by any means Forgotten your transfer PIN then you'd have to call 9mobile customer care for assistance. DataVolume  is the amount of data you wish to transfer to the recipient. Note that you can only transfer a maximum of 200MB per transfer, and a maximum of 1GB per day. What this means is that the highest amount of data you can